Product Review:  Alphanova Products @

Product Review: Alphanova Products @

I was sent several children’s skin and hair care products to try out recently from  I was sent the Princesse Bio moisturizer, the styling water for hair. the cleansing lotion, extreme repairing treatment for very dry skin and a sample of an ultra moisturizing creme.

I tried out the Princess Bio moisturizer first.  It’s perfect for little girls because of the pink fairy they have on the container and it has a very light fresh scent.  It says that is mad with organic strawberry and cotton.  I didn’t smell a strawberry scent but it moisturizes well without leaving your skin greasy.  It’s a nice moisturizer for a child’s face.  It also can be used on the entire body.My daughter is so in love with hthis creme that she is keeping it in her little purse.

The cleansing lotion also works well.  I used it on my daughters face in the morning and it didn’t sting or irritate her at all.  It’s also made with certified organic ingredients and smells natural.  I think it would be perfect if your child has sensitive skin because its a milky creamy cleasing cream with nothing in it that going to irritate the skin.

I was looking forward to trying out the styling water on my daughters hair considering her hair is very curly and tangles very easily.  Made with all organic ingredients it also smells clean and natural. It left no residue fell or stickiness in her hair and made it much easier to brush it.  I wouldn’t really consider it a detangled because other detanglers leave the hair heavier feeling, this didn’t do that.  It doesn’t have a strong smell that I dislike from other brands.  I really like this styling water.
Here is a picture of my daughters hair after using the styling water. It left it much more manageable.

I used the extreme repairing treatment on myself.  I tried it on this patch of dry skin I have on my hand.  It left it much softer.  I used the Ultra moisturizing cream on my hands and like that as well. I really enjoyed trying out these products and am going to continue to use the styling water and cleansing lotions on my daughter.  To get more information in these products check out
They also offer other products from France. The have french milled soaps, oils fabrics, herbs, mustards and tapenades, salts and peppers, flavored olive oils and vinegars, fruit and flower syrups. You will definitely find something you will like.