3 Family Car Problems – Solved!

3 Family Car Problems – Solved!

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In the 21st century, many families find that their lives are nigh-on impossible to run without a vehicle. With the school run, playdates, commuting to work, and running household errands, the need for a vehicle is undeniable. The convenience that running a family car offers is hugely beneficial – but it’s not without its problems.

There are three key problems that you may experience with a family car. These issues are not overwhelmingly difficult to deal with – and they don’t detract from the benefits of running a vehicle – but they do fall into the category of “less than ideal”. To ensure that your love for the wonders of your family car is never dented by small problems, we’ve put together a simple fix list for those nagging little problems you may experience…

#1 – Car sickness

Nausea while traveling is an issue that impacts all ages, but children are particularly susceptible. If your children struggle with this issue, it may be worth investigating the natural remedies that are available; www.draxe.com has a number of “no pill” suggestions that many families have found to be invaluable over the years. You may have to experiment to find the right solution for your child, but one of the suggested remedies should provide an effective fix that relieves the nausea for your child, as well as your own worries about their discomfort.

#2 – Bad odors

The interior of a car is a haven for bacteria and other causes of bad odors, and many families find themselves swimming against the tide when it comes to resolving the problem once and for all. The most common solution is to grab an air freshener to hang from the rear view mirror – but these genuinely provide little help, and their sickly, artificial scent can actually make the odor problems worse rather than better.

If you are struggling with in-car odors, head to the likes of www.aromatech.com for a natural solution. Using beneficial essential oils ensures you avoid the synthetic scent that standard air fresheners are infamous for, and you’ll also benefit from the antibacterial properties that essential oils are able to offer.

#3 – Trash collecting

No matter how hard you try, trash will collect in your vehicle – often at a rate that seems almost impressive. The most obvious answer to this issue is to remove trash from your vehicle every time you use it, but this simply isn’t realistic for busy parents who find themselves rushing from one appointment to another.

The best way to deal with trash, then, is to opt for a specific receptacle. You could buy a special in-car trash can, but these tend to be cumbersome and expensive. Instead, opt for a plastic bag that is looped over the headrest of the front seats. It’s not the most stylish choice, but it does ensure that every time there is a wrapper or piece of food to discard, you can do so without cluttering up the footwells.

In conclusion

With the small issues above fixed, making use of your family car will be as pleasant as it can possibly be – enjoy!