Is fluoride safe?

There seems to be more information coming out questioning the safety of fluoride in our toothpaste and water supply.  I read about it years ago and been buying fluoride free toothpaste for my kids for the last 3 years.  I figured that if there is some truth to it I was not going to take a chance.  There is already fluoride in our water supply.  I bring my kids to the dentist and neither one of them have had any decay or cavities from not having fluoride in their toothpaste.  There are some good fluoride free toothpastes out there.  I have to admit it did take testing out several different toothpastes to get the right flavor that they liked.  They do prefer Burt’s Bees brand.  When I mentioned to some friends that I only buy fluoride free toothpaste for my kids they looked at me like I was crazy.  A couple of them have switched to fluoride free after they read up on it.  Here is a couple of websites you can go to to research it for yourself.  It’s your call.