Tips To Protect You And Your Family From Cellphone Radiation

Tips To Protect You And Your Family From Cellphone Radiation

This is a huge issue with me. My kids think i’m a little obsessed about it but one day they will thank me. I read an article a while back about the amount of radiation that cell phones give off and was disturbed by it. I don’t think a lot of people realize that some of the places they set their cell phones are harming themselves and their family. For example, I noticed that my cousin was feeding her baby with her cell phone on her lap. I told her to never do that because the cell phone is right next to the baby. Also, putting it in a pocket in the stroller is not a good idea either. Your own pocket is a bad idea also. I read about people getting tumors in the exact spot on their leg where the cell phone sits in their pocket. My 13 year old has a cell phone (not my idea) and he knows that if I go in his room and its not in airplane mode he is losing it. I have him put it in airplane mode whenever he is not needing to make a phone call. You can still use all the apps when it’s in airplane mode.
I have compiled a list of things you can do to reduce the radiation from phones.

1.) Always put it in airplane mode when you get home from work or when not using it and never put it on your nightstand unless its on airplane mode. Charge it on airplane mode also.

2.) Don’t keep your phone in your pocket. Your “radiating”( that is what I call it) yourself.

3.) Text instead of calling. It uses less signal power to text compared to calling.

4.) Use a “>air tubed wired headset. Not handsfree. A handsfree set is not safer

5.) Use the speakerphone Most of the time I always use the speakerphone,that way the phone is not against my head. It’s a safer alternative than next to your ear

6.) Keep the call short. self explanatory

7.) Don’t sleep with your phone next to your pillow. I am shocked when I hear about people who sleep with their phones under their pillow.

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