Petition against genetically modified mosquitoes

Petition against genetically modified mosquitoes

This is a petition I wanted to share that is on CHANGE.ORG right now that I think is important to share.  Pleas read this and sign the petition and share with your friends


Right now, a British company named Oxitec is planning to release genetically modified mosquitoes into the fragile enviroment of the Florida Keys. The company wants to use the Florida Keys as a testing ground for these mutant bugs.

Even though the local community in the Florida Keys has spoken — we even passed an ordinance demanding more testing — Oxitec is trying to use a loophole by applying to the FDA for an “animal bug” patent. This could mean these mutant mosquitoes could be released at any point against the wishes of locals and the scientific community. We need to make sure the FDA does not approve Oxitec’s patent.

Nearly all experiments with genetically-modified crops have eventually resulted in unintended consequences: superweeds more resistant to herbicides, mutated and resistant insects also collateral damage to ecosystems. A recent news story reported that the monarch butterfly population is down by half in areas where Roundup Ready GM crops are doused with ultra-high levels of herbicides that wipe out the monarch’s favorite milkweed plant.

What about our native species of Florida Keys Bats. Are there any studies being conducted to see if these mosquitoes will harm the native bat population?

Why would we not expect GM (genetically modified) insects, especially those that bite humans, to have similar unintended negative consequences? Will the more virulent Asian tiger mosquito that also carries dengue fill the void left by reductions in A. aegypti? Will the dengue virus mutate (think antibiotic resistant MRSA) and become even more dangerous?

There are more questions than answers and we need more testing to be done.

Will the public be able to stop this program from happening if we don’t want it? We were told that “public opinion would be taken into account.”

Dengue fever has been absent from Key West since 2010, which indicates the current methods of control and public education are working. What’s the rush for this radical approach?

Where is the third-party, peer-reviewed research on effectiveness and safety of GM mosquitoes other than Oxitec’s own claims of success? Don’t let Oxitec bully our community! We say no to genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys!


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Petition To The President To Stop The Misuse Of Antibiotics In Food Animal Production

This petition is being offered through and is also on the Applegate farms website.  Go to this link below to sign, then pass it on

Why This Is Important

Due to the misuse of antibiotics in food animal production, antibiotics are losing their effectiveness in treating human diseases.

Many of the antibiotics used in food animal production, such as penicillins, tetracyclines, macrolides and sulfonamides are identical to, or from the same family as, drugs used in human medicine to cure serious diseases.

Because these classes of antibiotics are similar, bacteria resistant to antibiotics used in animals will also be resistant to antibiotics used in humans.

Without effective antibiotics, modern medical treatments such as surgery and transplants will become all but impossible.

Here is an excerpt from the petition letter going to the President.


– MRSA kills more Americans each year than AIDS. Recently a strain of MRSA has emerged that infects humans and has been associated with antibiotics given to animals raised for food.

-80% of the antibiotics sold in the U.S. are used in animal agriculture. The majority go to healthy animals to promote growth and to compensate for the effects of overcrowding and unsanitary conditions.

– The Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics has estimated that antibiotic-resistant bacteria generate $16.6 billion to $26 billion per year in extra costs to the U.S. health care system.

– The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention testified before Congress last year that there was a definitive link between the routine use of antibiotics when raising animals for food and the crisis of antibiotic resistance in humans.
Watch this video about what the overuse of antibiotics is doing to the population.

here is the link to the petition.