Help Your Kids Find Their Personal Style

Help Your Kids Find Their Personal Style

All parents enjoy choosing outfits and dressing up their kids. Shopping for kids clothes is often more fun than shopping for adult clothes too. But like adults, children have their own personal style. While you can choose what they wear for a while, there will come a point when they want to choose what they wear. Whether it’s a superhero t-shirt or a princess dress, it’s important that you allow your child to express themselves. Like drawing and singing, fashion in another outlet where they can convey their feelings and interests. So to help your child to find a style that’s unique to them, read through these useful tips.

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Don’t give them too many options

Each morning before you child gets dressed, get out a few outfit options they can wear for the day ahead. Ensure each item is suitable for the planned activity and weather but also make sure the outfits vary too. Giving your child too many similar options to choose from can make them frustrated and confused. Try not to give them too much time to think about it too. Show them the outfits and give them ten seconds to choose what they want to wear. This can make them feel like they are in control but really you have partly made the decision for them. This can be a particularly useful for occasions where they need to dress smartly too.

Take them shopping with you

When your child needs to have a new item of clothing, ask them to come shopping with you. This gives them a chance to see the clothing up close and also allows them to try things on. Ask for their opinions on different clothes and ask what colors they like to wear the most. This will get them thinking about their style and how they would like to dress. Alternatively, you can stay at home and do some online shopping together. You can visit the website of children’s clothing retailers to see if anything appeals to them. Your child can also help you look for discounts like these Old Navy Promo Codes to help you save money on their clothing.

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Have a runway show

While this might sound like something only girls would be interested in, boys can also find runway shows exciting. Get your kids to raid to their wardrobes and ask them to create different outfits for different occasions. Once they’ve created some outfits, you can play some music and host your own runway show in your living room. This can be fun for kids of all ages and lets them get creative with styling and outfit ideas. After a few different outfits have been showcased, ask your child which one they liked the best. Take note of what they say and use this to help you buy similar clothes in future.

This change in your child’s attitude towards clothing is something all kids go through as they get older. The key is finding a balance between being encouraging while also continuing to have some control. That way both you and your child will be happy with the way they look.



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