Cognutria Products Giveaway

Cognutria Products Giveaway

Enter to win 6 different Cognutria food products
Cognutria makes delicious and nutrient-rich convenient food products that contain the daily requirement for optimal cognitive health.

The winner received a pancake mix, granola and 4 different flavors of their biscotti and scone style foods. All made with the healthiest ingredients to promote health, focus, learning and performance. Great for children and adults that need more focus and have a problem with agitation. No excess sugar and synthetic or artificial ingredients. They only us products that are proven to work. You can get more information at You can also purchase their products on auto ship there.

The Cognutria Mission
We all know if you want a healthy body you need to feed it the right foods. The same is true of the brain. Unfortunately in our fast-paced modern world most people’s diets are chronically deficient in many of the essential compounds required for cognitive health. The results include inability to focus, difficulty learning, excessive agitation, poor task performance and degraded memory. Over the last fifteen years scientific research has shown just how poor diets contribute to these cognitive and behavioral problems. The good news is that the solution is often very simple: a better diet leads to better mental performance. Cognutria is all about giving your brain what it needs for peak performance without the need to use artificial stimulants like energy drinks or pharmaceuticals that cause long-term damage to your health. We continue to take input from leading cognitive nutrition scientists around the world to ensure that our products are correctly formulated for maximum effectiveness as well as a delicious taste.


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