The Gizmos And Gadgets We Love In The Kitchen

The Gizmos And Gadgets We Love In The Kitchen

No twenty-first-century kitchen is complete without a plethora of amazing tech to help with the cooking. If you love healthy eating as much as we do, you might find you are often disappointed by the ranges carried by the supermarkets. No wonder more and more of us are enjoying home cooking. It offers us the food we want when we want it. No need to worry about additives, poorly sourced ingredients and unethical transport of produce.


Food processors are an essential part of home cooking and preparing foods. They can help you create the size, shape and consistency you need for a wide range of recipes including ice-cream, butter, soup, and salads. Preparing vegetables can put many people off home cooking. We simply don’t have the energy for the time and hassle it causes when we’ve been at work all day. The humble food processor comes with many attachments to make light work of all your prepping and mixing needs.

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Hand Blender

These mini blitzers can whip up a mousse, smooth out soup, whisk an egg and mash a banana smoothie. They’re really handy because they are small enough to pop away in the drawer when you’re not using them. Many parents with babies love these because you can pop in a small amount of your meal to puree for the baby. The whole device can fit into the pot or cup you’re using, then comes apart easily for washing.

Countertop Cookers

Anything that can offer a different texture or style of cooking is great when you cook for yourself. Websites like Healthy But Smart detail things like air fryers that offer a healthier way of getting that fried outer texture we all love. Single loaf bread machines are another favorite. You can control every last ingredient that goes in there, but you won’t have to mix or knead a thing! Add seeds, choose wholegrain flour, and even whip up a healthy pizza dough. Soup makers are like kettles, but they’ll whip you up a healthy veggie soup in minutes. Pick the consistency you want and enjoy your soup fresh every day.


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Microwave Oven

These are most handy if you are a fan of batch cooking. Reheating single portions is what this beauty does best. Of course, most microwave ovens come with a wealth of programs and features to cook anything and (almost) everything you could want. Yes, you can cook scrambled eggs. Yes, you can enjoy hot, freshly popped popcorn. And yes, it is possible to enjoy healthy fish dishes and meats without succumbing to food poisoning. A handy food thermometer will confirm your food is cooked throughout.

The Almighty Slow Cooker

Perhaps one of the most popular kitchen worktop appliances available today is the slow cooker. They can cost less than a week’s grocery shopping. They cost almost nothing to run (nothing at all if you use your solar panels). Best of all, there are more and more tasty recipes available to make good use of this. It’s the most convenient way of enjoying fresh, home-cooked food when you’re too busy to cook. What’s your favorite kitchen gadget?



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