Pumpkin Carving Contest and Product Discount Sponsored by VitaForHome

Pumpkin Carving Contest and Product Discount Sponsored by VitaForHome

The company that makes these deluxe pumpkin carving tools is sponsoring a carving contest that runs until November 20th.  They make it very easy to enter.  The rules are:

1. Must be a pumpkin (of course!) 

2. All entries must either be published to instagram with @VitaForHome tagged and hashtags:
– #VitaForHome
– #CelebrateWithVita
– #CarvingContest
OR the contestant can email their submissions to hello@vitaforhome.com
3. The winner will be announced on November 20th so contestants will have time to participate even after Halloween. 
4. The prize is a $200 Amazon Gift Card
They are giving a discount to purchase the tools.  (these tools are not required to use for the carving contest)
These tools are high quality carving tools that can be used year after year.  


Info On the Carving Kit

  • Pumpkin carving kit that won’t break! Vita’s pumpkin cutting kit prime pro level tools are robust, well crafted stainless steel tools are the perfect match for every stencil and pattern for the perfect Halloween decoration jack-o-lantern year after year. Don’t waste money on cheap, plastic tools you replace every October.
  • This carving set for pumpkins includes every pro pumpkin carving tool you need: pumpkin carving knife, pumpkin carving scoop pumpkin scraper, and an etching tool. While not necessarily pumpkin carving tools for children, this pumpkin carving kits for adults includes everything a pro or amateur carver needs for any design or pattern, from the simplest to most artistic desire.
  • Save time! Vita’s study pumpkin carver set construction with easy to grip handle and rust-resistant blade make carving any pattern a breeze. Our pumpkin carving tools carver set includes a pro carver knife saw, pumpkin carving scoop, etching tool and poker are designed with the whole carving process in mind. Check out our images to find out how! Delivered Prime so you get them in time for Halloween.
  • Halloween won’t be complete without carving pumpkins and jackolanterns! Buy a few and host the ultimate pumpkin carving party with these kits. Easily impress guests and delight kids and trick-or-treaters with every amazing Jack-o-Lantern you design using Vita’s Pumpkin Carving Tools
  • Family pumpkin carving kits are the prime way to make your Halloween pumpkin carving a fun way to spend time instead of Halloween pumpkin carving a chore!

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Use These Hashtags when entering the contest 

  • #VitaForHome

  • #CelebrateWithVita

  • #VitaCarvingKit