Here’s What Your Dentist Wishes You Would Do

Here’s What Your Dentist Wishes You Would Do

Do you look in the mirror and think that your pearly whites are starting to look, well, not so pearly? Then it could be time to start treating your teeth with a lot more respect that you have been. Dentists agree that there are several things you can do to keep your mouth looking and feeling healthy and fabulous.

Sydney CBD Dental has compiled the four things they wish you would start doing right now for better oral health.

4 Things Dentists Wish You Would Do

Kick That Habit

How often do your friends and family tell you to stop smoking every day? Do you need one more person to tell you? Then it’s time to talk to your dentist. The tar and nicotine in cigarettes do not only work to turn your teeth into an unsightly shade of yellow, but they also tend to eat away at your gums. Smoking cigarettes creates an environment on and around your teeth and gum lines that is ripe for plaque and bacteria. This harms the gum tissue and can lead to you loosing teeth. Furthermore, tobacco chemicals can lead to mouth sores and those in turn can lead to cancer.

Visit Regularly

If you tend to ditch the dentist, or keep putting off that check-up, you’re actually part of many adults who fail to see a dentist on an annual basis either because of finances, a phobia of dentists or downright neglect. However, regular trips to the dentist mean you can catch problems such as gum disease, cancer, decay or trauma at an early stage when they are still treatable and the solutions are more affordable.

Brush Properly

How is your brushing technique? Does it seem below par? Maybe you neglect to brush your teeth often enough, or even not at all? Here’s the good news: it only takes about two minutes to clean your gums and teeth thoroughly. Not sure what to do? Angle your toothbrush 45 degrees towards the gum line and then gently use circular strokes. Make sure the toothbrush’s bristles on the brush are not bending. If those bristles are bending, you’re using the brush too roughly and that in turn will wear down your gums and teeth. Plaque is actually quiet soft so it brushes off easily with mere light strokes.

Flossing with Finesse

Flossing is essential to keeping your gums and teeth clean, but only if you floss correctly. Popping and snapping your way through the flossing process actually does more harm than good, damages the gum line and causes friction on tissue. Rather use approximately two to three inches of floss between the fingers and even use a fresh piece or section for each tooth. Try to keep the piece of dental floss tight against your tooth to help break up the plaque. One of the best oral health tips for office workers is to carry dental floss with you and remember to floss after meals at work.

The Truth about Tooth Decay and Sugar

Sugar had a terrible reputation when it comes to teeth, and rightfully so. Sugar fuels acid production and bacteria in the mouth and this causes plaque to form, which eats away the gums and teeth. For every sugary delight you indulge in, the teeth are hit with as much as 20 minutes of acid production – whether it’s that morning cup of sweetened coffee or your nightly ice cream. The solution to this is sucrose discipline. By being careful with your sugar in take, you can avoid dental decay. Remember to also brush and floss at least twice a day and keep those acids under control.


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