Is Your Garden a Health Hazard?

Is Your Garden a Health Hazard?

Have you ever thought about the impact your garden has on your health? It’s something that most people choose to ignore. But if you love your garden and spend a lot of time in it, this is something that you should think about. It’s not worth ignoring these threats and dangers because you want to stay safe. Here are some of those risks discussed, as well as some of the reasons why gardening is good for your health.

Garden Products and Chemicals

Garden products are used by most people who do a lot of gardening. But are all those products safe to use? Unfortunately, that’s not really the case. These products are packed full of chemicals that can quite often be dangerous to human beings. You need to use them sparingly and carefully. That’s something that you have to think carefully about because you can breathe in toxic chemicals that damage your health. You can buy organic products that are less damaging, so consider that option too.

Dangerous Pests

There are some garden pests that can be a real danger to you when you’re in your garden. This is one of those things that we don’t really give much thought to. But maybe we should. Mosquito control is essential if your garden has any kind of problem with mosquitos. They can be a real risk to your health, so don’t ignore this. If you find any mice or rats, you should have this problem dealt with by a professional pest control team too.

Gardening Injuries

It is possible to hurt yourself when you’re doing some work in your garden. Back strains, damaged knees and cuts are all very common gardening injuries. You should try to protect yourself while you are gardening. When you are doing garden work, you will probably be using a range of tools that are sharp and often dangerous. If you don’t use these implements carefully, you will be putting yourself at real risk, so don’t let that happen.

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Extended Sun Exposure

Another thing that can cause you problems when you’re carrying out work in your garden is exposure to the sun. When you expose yourself to the sun too often, you make it hard for your body to avoid risks like skin cancer. It’s easy to forget how long you’ve been out in the sun when you are relaxing or even doing gardening. If you don’t use a sunscreen that offers UV protection, you will be at real risk of suffering serious problems.


The Positive Effects of Gardening

However, it’s also important to think about the good things that come with gardening. When you do work in your garden, you exercise and get active. This can be really important and really valuable. People don’t usually see gardening as exercise but it really is. Embrace gardening, but just make sure that you protect yourself and your body as you spend time in the garden. It’s all about being careful and staying healthy. If you can do that, gardening is more than worthwhile.

The Anatomy of A Fun, Family Eco Home

The Anatomy of A Fun, Family Eco Home

Of course, it’s very important to get a good balance in your home between being eco-friendly and making it a fun and pleasant space for family life to happen in. So to that end, here is a quick and simple guide on how to both ensure that your home is not putting too much of a strain on the environment, and is a comfortable haven for your family.


One aspect of a family eco-house that you need to be on top of the insulation that you use. Why? Well because not only does it keep your kids warm in the winter and cold in the summer, but it also vastly reduces your heating and cooling bills as well.

This is because good insulation means it’s harder for the temperature in the air to be transferred out of the building, whether it’s hot or cold.


You can insulate your home with spray foam, or fiber insulation. But an even more eco friendly method is to use insulative substances that are made from recycled glass. With the added benefit that these tend to be hypoallergenic as well.


Obviously, recycling is a vital aspect of being green these days. But how can you make sure that you take every opportunity to do this in your home, while making it safe and pleasant for the kids?

Well first of all it can really help to have a designated recycling zone. Whether that is in the kitchen, utility room, or even outside. Then you know all of the waste is kept together one place and not taking over the house.

Secondly, it really can be beneficial to talk to the kids about why, and how to recycle and the dangers that it could pose to them. Such as cut from tin lids, or cross contamination of bacteria from raw meat packages that haven’t been washed properly.

Then they can get involved and help you to keep on top of this task too.

Solar power

Another important aspect of a fun, family friendly home is using power that is generated at cleanly as possible. Of course, you could always hook up the kids’ biked to the generator! But a more practical option would be to insist on solar panels from your home builders, when constructing a new new property, or install them yourself in your current home.

These then convert energy from the sun rays into usable electricity, meaning you can powder alo of the facility that you need without having to result electricity that gha been created by fossil fuels.

A Sustainable Garden

Lastly an arae of the home that can be both eco gr finely and fun is the garden. Here you can teach kids all about where the food comes from, and how to grow their own produce. Try easie thing at first like tomatoes, and carrots and then move on to more difficult project like peas and potato when they have gained some confidence.

You can also teach them about healthy eating and organic gardening and provide items for your family meals, all while making a minimal impact on the environment.