Book Review:  The innovative Engine by Jim Gribble

Book Review: The innovative Engine by Jim Gribble

The Innovative Engine is a story about a train who takes young bloggers on an mythical adventure. The young writers hear “true” stories from fairy tale characters and decide to write a blog about it. It’s a very descriptive and detailed book that young writers will love to read. It’s actually a good book for students who are taking writing classes or are interested in language arts.
The story of the Innovative engine is built around being eco friendly teaching the importance of things like solar panels, clean air, rivers and lakes. Its a thought provoking story children will love.

This is a great book for a classroom for the writing style and the story line. Readers will love the fictional characters in the book and will bring imagination to the readers. The story starts out in New York at Grand Central Station and will bring the reader across the country to several areas around the country. The characters travel through the Appalachian mountains to different lakes and rivers across the country and blog about everything they see and learn as they are traveling. This short story is available in paperback and on a kindle through Amazon.