Making Your Own Natural Dishwashing Rinse

Making Your Own Natural Dishwashing Rinse

Anyone that has purchased natural dishwashing rinse from somewhere like Whole Foods knows that it’s expensive. It’s about $5 a bottle and depending on your settings it doesn’t last you a long time. I refuse to buy the regular kind with all the chemicals in it that will sit on my plates.

Just to give you an idea what you can avoid, these are the ingredients in the most popular brands rinse aid. Take a look and ask yourself if you want those ingredients on the dishes and glasses you drink and eat out of.

Alcohol Alkoxylate
Sodium Cumene Sulfonate Ethanol
Zinc Chloride
Citric Acid
LiquitintTM Blue
Various perfumes

This is a very simple way to replace all that.

All you need is

1 gallon of White Vinegar
25 to 30 drops of essential lemon oil

drop the essential oil directly into the vinegar and shake it a little. Mark the bottle and keep it under your sink for refills into your dishwasher. It’s that easy and it saves you money.


Product Review: Aroma Foundry Essential Oils

Product Review: Aroma Foundry Essential Oils

I was recently able to try out some essential oil from Aroma Foundry and loved them. I tried out Lavender,Mandarin,Lemon and Orange.  I diffused them in my diffuser and loved all the citrus scents.  I used the lavender alone and also loved the smell.It was great for the bedrooms for relaxation.  All their essential oil are 100% natural, therapeutic grade, chemical free and bottled in California. I know some people love certain brands of oil that they may sell and I have tried out other brands but I found these oils to be just as pure and good as them.  There are no synthetic ingredients in any of the oils. They are also made in small quantities and numbered.

If you purchase from their website they are having specials right now that you get a free bottle of Lavender oil with any purchase over $25 and 15% off your order of $100 or more with coupon code “NATIVEOILS”  Visit their website for  more info and to order.


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A diffusor that is perfect for your child’s room

A diffusor that is perfect for your child’s room

I was recently sent a new oil diffusor to try out from Anypro.and I would like to show you how it worked and how you can get one. We were sent the Sparoma BabyPenguin aromatherapy essential oil diffusor. I tried it out in my daughters room with some lavender oil and water in it. I had another brand diffusor in there before but it was so tedious to clean because of the hard to reach spots inside so I was anxious to try this one out. The diffuser is a cute penguin shaped diffusor and perfect for a child room. It is small enough to easily fit on a night stand and leaves room for other things. Its also has an opening that is very easy to clean. It has a attachment to turn it on and off and turn on or off the lights. You don’t have to lift the diffusor up and risk spilling water to turn it on and off

Smart UltrasonicTechnology
Advanced Ultrasonic Diffusing technology produces frequent vibrations and doesn’t harm the healing and natural properties of the oils.

Touch Control Button
Easy set and simple use. You can control the portable diffuser by touching the on/off and light buttons.

Soothing Ambient Lights
Choose the soft white-yellow light from 3 level light brightness to enhance your mood.

Auto Shut-off Function
The diffuser automatically shuts off to ensure safety when water is used up-Energy saving and peace of mind.

Water tank capacity: 300ml

If you visit their website you will see others that are for sale and when you want to purchase it will bring you to amazon for easy checkout.
Below is how it looks on my daughters nightstand running

Take a look at their website and you will find a diffusor to fit your needs.



Product Review: Simply Earth Essential Oil Monthly Subscription Box

Product Review: Simply Earth Essential Oil Monthly Subscription Box

I was recently sent a subscription box from Simply Earth to check out and I want to tell you about it and what I received. This is a monthly subscription box where every month you get in the mail a box with different essential oils, recipe cards and containers to store your home made blends and recipes. Everyone knows someone who is crazy about essential oils and I immediately thought this is a great gift idea. I love monthly box subscriptions and this is one that I would love. Everything is 100% natural,no fillers or additives. Each month is different theme of 6-7 essential oil recipes and all the ingredients to make them. If you were to purchase these blends separate it would easily be over $200.00 but this box is only $39.00 a month. They also have different plans where you can get one every 3 months instead of every month or you can just buy one month.

If you subscribe they are offering a FREE diffuser with coupon code: MAMFREEDIF

Below is a quick unboxing video I did to show you what was in my box.

You can check them out at

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Product Review: Essential Oil Cases from

Product Review: Essential Oil Cases from

I was sent out an essential carry case of my choice recently and I am really liking how durable it is. I have seen other essential oil cases on the market but they all seem to be so over priced.  Soothing Terra has the best prices for these cases that I have seen so far.  The case is really nice looking and well made and also has a pocket inside for your cards.  The material is easy to clean, I found that out after spilling sauce on it.  It wiped off easily with a rag and hot water. It has a handle and from the picture you can see it has the insert that holds all your bottles separately.  

They are having a sale on their cases so if you in the market for a case Soothingterra is your best bet.  These cases make is very simple to carry your oils around with you on vacation or even to work.  I keep mine right on the counter so I don’t have to worry about a bottle dropping and breaking, Their cases range from 12.95 to 24.99. Check out the key chain essential oil case they offer, I thought it was so convenient.   Check out their site at