Fall Crafts

Fall Crafts

Fall is one of the best times to spend with the family. The night are colder, and there’s nothing quite like spending quality time with your children. As the nights draw in, and the season becomes wet, you’re going to need to find ways to keep your kids entertained. Crafts are the perfect solution to this. Not only can you make some cool additions to your house, but it’s a great way to bond. It’ll teach your kids hands on skills, and keep their brains engaged, rather than them being in front of the TV all the time. Here are some great crafts ideas to bring the whole family some fun.


We’ll start with the easiest first. Now fall has hit us, the leaves have started to drop. Go out on a nature walk, and pick you the prettiest one’s you can find. This one is a great way to combine fun with exercise as an added bonus! Grab a piece of A3 paper when you’re home, and some brown and dark orange paint. Simply get your children to arrange the leaves on the paper and glue them down. To fill the gaps, get them to dunk their hands in the paint and imprint all over the paper. What you’ll be left with is one colourful memory of a fun filled day. You might hate the mess, but this is the part your children will love the most!

This one’s going to be a tricky one, that you’ll find yourself doing most of.It’s a homemade coffee table. You’ll need some wood, a chainsaw, a normal saw, and a hot glue gun. Grab about two large thick planks of wood from your local DIY store, as well as one big square piece. Measure and mark every 55cm. Then, if you don’t have a chainsaw, check out this site because you will need one. You need a straight sharp cut that the chainsaw can provide. Cut through each mark. Then decide how far apart your want the four leg pieces, and cut a square out of your big square piece to cover the top. Thoroughly sand down all pieces of wood and apply a coat of gloss. Glue together the pieces so it stands as a coffee table. This is where you can get your children to help. You can paint the table whatever colour you’d like!

This one’s halloween themed, and the kids can help all the way through. Creating some hanging bats to either put in the house, or on the front door is the perfect way to add a bit of spookiness. You’ll need to grab some black card to begin with. Cut a template of a bat out of the card. Grab a some white paint and get your children to draw on some eyes, and even some fangs. Put a hole in the bottom of each bat and feed some string through. You can then hang these throughout the house, or on the front door, and scare any visitors