The Nation’s Favorite Family Meals.

The nation’s favorite family meals. (Sponsored Post)

It seems that the nation’s favorite family meals have changed over the last few decades. In the past the favorite family meal was the Sunday roast, and although many people still enjoy it, it is no longer considered to be such an important event as it had been in the past.

Today home cooks tend to be more adventurous than their parents were, and although they still cook some meals for their families that were cooked for them by their parents, they have extended the family menu and introducing many different kinds of family meals. Despite many reports to the contrary, home cooks still enjoy cooking for their families and take great pleasure from seeing their families enjoying hearty and healthy meals. The difference is that these meals now include many exotic meals that they have been inspired to make by TV cooks and eating out. Here are some great family meals from Cotswold Fayre.

Of course, given the busy lives that most of us live, there often isn’t enough time in the day to prepare these exotic delights from scratch, but then there are many products on the supermarket shelves that make preparing quite exotic meals simple.

Mexican fajitas

One of the most popular family meals today is Mexican fajitas. This is very easy to prepare. All you need to do is buy a fajitas kit from a supermarket, some chicken or steak, and a pepper. All the spices you need as well as the tortillas and salsa are provided. You simply slice the meat and pepper and maybe an onion and cook them with the spices on a very hot pan until they are sizzling hot, warm the tortillas, and serve it all up on the table. Families love the dish.

Indian curry

Very authentic tasting Indian curry dishes can be prepared very simply. While you can simply serve up stir fried meat with a curry sauce such, generally it is better to go one step further and use a pre-prepared curry paste in which you cook the meat before creating a gravy. The dish can be prepared in around half an hour, and it is an economical way to enjoy an exotic family meal.

Chinese chicken stir fry

There are few meals as easy to prepare as a Chinese chicken stir fry and it is an ideal meal to prepare for the family after a busy day. Simply chop up the chicken and vegetables, or purchase pre-prepared stir-fry vegetables from the supermarket, sir fry them quickly in a wok, add a Chinese pre-prepared sauce, and serve with boiled rice for a simple and delicious meal the family will love.

Spaghetti bolognaise

Although it is not quite as exotic as the above, spaghetti bolognaise has been a favourite family meal for decades and it still is. Back when people first started cooking this dish back in the 1960s it was considered to be fairly daring; even trendy, but now it is common place, though that doesn’t detract from its combination of convenience and enjoyment. It is a meal that can be enjoyed by family members of any age, from babies through to the grandparents.

Toad in the hole

There is nothing very exotic about toad in the hole, but it is another favourite family meal that has been regaining popularity over recent years. It consists of sausages in a Yorkshire pudding batter and is generally served with boiled vegetables and gravy. It makes an economical favourite family meal that is fairly easy to prepare. In fact families have been enjoying it from as early as the 1760s.

If you are wondering how it acquired its evocative name, then you will have to continue to wonder; it seems that nobody knows; the name simply hopped into existence.

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