Roasting, freezing and using cherry tomatoes

Roasting, freezing and using cherry tomatoes

Sometimes I will buy a large amount of cherry tomatoes when they go on sale. There are many different ways to use them for fresh recipes but you can also freeze them. This is how I do it

First you need to roast them in the oven. After you was them just lay them on the pan and add olive oil, italian seasoning, salt and garlic. Put them in the oven at about 225 degrees for about 3 hours. You can keep them in longer if they aren’t completely shrunk and roasted yet.


After they are cooked up out them in a bowl and add olive oil and more salt and garlic, and red pepper flakes if you like. Stir and put them in Small Bowls with lids and freeze. When thawed they are good on bread, crackers or thrown into pasta or rice. Below is a picture of how I added them to asparagus.


Here they are right before I froze them.