Product Review: Freshana Cleaning Products

Product Review: Freshana Cleaning Products

I was recently able to try out some cleaning supplies from the Freshana company for my home.  I was sent EEZZEE All Purpose Cleaner, AVIVA Laundry Cleaner, AIRIA Air Purifier   and MAXAM Industrial Strength Cleaner & Stain Remover.  I wasn’t sure how good they were going to work because they are priced really inexpensive.  Usually when I purchase a natural and non toxic cleaner they are priced much higher than a regular store brand.  These products are really priced right. I have been using the laundry detergent and really like it.  I don’t see any issue with it, my clothes are coming out clean just what I would expect from a regular store bought brand. All the other cleaners work well also.  I use the All Purpose Cleaner on my countertops and cabinets.

All the products are 100% plant based and there is a 60 day guarantee on all the products.  There is also FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50.


For example the AVIVA Laundry Cleaner is 100% plant-based and free of all chemicals, allergens, fragrance, and toxins – making it perfect for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin. AVIVA Laundry Cleaner will leave clothes stain and odor free – without the use of chemicals. a 50 oz bottle is only $10 and they have a family pack special for $17 for 2 bottles of the 50oz.

If you are looking for all natural cleaning products for your home and really couldn’t or didn’t want to spend the extra money then these products are for you.  They work great and are priced good.

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