How to Get (And Keep) the Job: 6 Tips from a Small Business Owner

How to Get (And Keep) the Job: 6 Tips from a Small Business Owner

How to Get (And Keep) the Job: 6 Tips from a Small Business Owner

Whether you are planning on finding a new job, or your job has been terminating people due to cutbacks, you will need to think of ways to keep your job secure. No one knows the intricacies and interpersonal issues that can hold people back from getting a job quite like a small business owner. To get the job you want—and keep it—follow these 6 tips from a small business owner.

Getting the Job

From the search to the interview, finding a new job can be exciting and stressful. But there are effective ways to manage the stress and turn it into a productive process.

Search for Jobs that You Qualify For

When you start your job search, it is okay to look for new jobs that might interest you. But you don’t want to waste your time applying for too many jobs if you don’t meet all the requirements. You should meet most of the job requirements if you are planning to apply.

Edit Your Resume as Needed

Some people keep a generic resume to fit different positions. But it’s better to edit yours to fit different positions. While you won’t want to edit your work history or education, you may want to fix your objective to match that specific job—it can help raise your chances of being called for an interview. If you are applying for a job and think of a skill that would fit that description, you can add it into your resume.

Ace Your Interview

The interview is the next crucial stage before you land the job of your dreams. A lot of people become nervous when it is time for a job interview, but you should remain calm and confident during an interview. You should also keep a professional and friendly manner throughout the interview process.

When preparing for your interview, dress appropriately and groom properly as well. Make sure your hair is pulled back or brushed nicely. Don’t apply too much makeup or cologne. Chew gum or eat a few mints before entering the building, and then put on your winning smile and prepare to impress the interviewer.

Clean Up Your Life

The time during which you are searching for a job is the best time to clean up your life, so that when you get the call for the interview, your background check comes out stellar. This means that if you’ve gotten into trouble recently, such as a DUI, it’s time to call a DUI defense lawyer and get the situation sorted. You should also make sure you have an identity protection service in place in case your prospective employer also requires a credit check—you don’t want to risk not getting the job because someone else has been ruining your good credit. If you need LASIK eye surgery to correct near sightedness, now is also the best time to do that. You don’t want to be squinting at your interviewer since that can make you look confused.

Keeping the Job

When it comes to keeping the job—whether it’s one you landed recently or one where you’re unsure of your footing in the company—you want to do all it takes to make sure you’re one of the last ones left standing. Here’s what you can do to safeguard your position.

Make Sure You Are Dependable

Most employers won’t decide to fire their most dependable employees before others. Dependability can mean any number of things. For instance, you should always show up to your shift on time, or at least ten minutes early so that you are ready when you clock in. If some event occurs that would make you late for work, call your boss immediately to inform them of your tardiness. Your ability to be on time largely depends on if you’re getting a good night’s sleep. If you aren’t, then the perfect way to celebrate getting a job is to upgrade to one of the mattresses reviewed to  With a comfortable and sleep-supporting mattress, you’re less likely to oversleep or show up groggy at work.

Dependability also entails finishing your tasks on time, or preferably before the deadline. Also make sure your work is high quality as well. While it is nice for projects to be done before the deadline, it won’t matter if your work isn’t up to the standards that your employer expects.

Whenever possible, you should pick up extra hours or projects. This will show your employer that you are dependable and a true team player.

Be a Good Team Player

There are very few professions that don’t require you to work as a team at some point of your job. You should always get along with your co-workers and act professionally. If you do have a serious issue with a co-worker, you should take it to a superior to handle and remain professional until the issue is resolved. When working as a team, try to help out as much as you can without seeming like you are taking over the entire project.

One way to really build great team morale and to bond with your new team is to suggest an excursion outside of work. Get together with your co-workers for a team hiking adventure. It’ll give you a chance to test out your Montem hiking gear, and it will be a fun way to interact with your team that isn’t focused strictly on work. Another fun activity that could help everyone to blow off steam is to plan a night of online casino gambling. Invite the team over for drinks and snacks and have everyone bring their laptops, and then gamble and see who can win the most money.

Continue to Set Goals

If your job has a quota that you need to meet every month or quarter, make it your goal to go above that quota. If you are making your company more money, they will notice and take that into account if they start laying people off. You should ensure that you do this all the time, not just when there are potential terminations coming up.

If you want to advance in your career, you should stay consistent with the work you provide. Once you see that a higher position might be opening, talk to your manager about it. If you apply for a higher position and get turned down, talk to your manager about why you weren’t chosen. Once you know why you weren’t chosen, you can work to improve those areas for the future.

Setting goals is also important for your life outside of work. If you’ve always wanted to improve your singing voice, sign up for online singing lessons. It might seem unrelated to work, but employers like to see workers who have passions and pursue goals outside of the workplace, too—it’s a good sign of personal ambition.


With the economy today, unfortunately no one is really safe from being terminated from their job. However, by applying these tips and keeping a positive outlook, you can ace getting and keeping a job.