You Don’t Need Green Fingers To Love Your Garden

You Don’t Need Green Fingers To Love Your Garden

When you think of gardening, you think of keeping hedges prim and proper and the arduous task of growing flowers, plants, or perhaps even vegetables. That’s how you picture the average gardener, and that may not be your sort of thing. Perhaps you prefer to simply mow the lawn every now and then before retreating to the safe and cozy confines of your house. Here’s a new idea that you might want to consider: take the “outdoor home” approach. You could start to love your garden because it’s an extension of your house; it’s an outdoor room. You’ve been blessed with all of this additional space.

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It’s not about being an expert.

As mentioned in another of our articles, being good at gardening is just about avoiding common mistakes. You may not know much about how to control the wildness of nature, but it doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as you’re letting it become. The most basic piece of advice is to avoid cramming too much in too little space. Nature has to breathe, and that means you don’t need to overload your garden with an overcrowded assortment of plants.

You want lots of variety and vivid colors, but you need to space out the plants and flowers in this outdoor space; you don’t want them all competing for space, sunlight, and water in a very confined patch of land. As mentioned over at, it’s all about minimalism with garden design, much like interior design.

Improve the storage.

Much like any other room in your house, your garden can become messy if tools and garden furnishings don’t have a proper home. If the shed is overflowing and the garage is already cluttered then you might want to check out sites such as for metal buildings that could serve the purpose of housing garden equipment.

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Build on this land.

We’re not suggested that you completely eradicate the garden and build an entirely new house on the land (that probably violates several laws), but you can improve your garden by building some structures on the land, depending on how big your garden is. A conservatory is always a popular choice because it’s an entirely transparent window into the garden. A conservatory can invite a lot of natural light and feel like a nice crossover between the interior and exterior of your property.

Of course, something like a conservatory is still part of your house and might be getting away from the purpose of loving your garden in itself. Admiring it from a distance is fine, but you should be finding ways to motivate yourself to spend time in the actual garden. You could build a gazebo or a patio area with comfortable seating and shelter so that you can feel part of the garden whilst enjoying a few luxuries. This article over at talks about other great suggestions such as pavilions and summer houses. It’s about finding a good blend between nature and manmade. Most of these things are within the DIY abilities of even the most amateur garden designer, so don’t be scared of trying; there’s always a good YouTube tutorial out there, or you could get family and friends to help.

Loving your garden doesn’t mean you have to love the few annoying chores involved with maintenance. You love your house despite hating cleaning and tidying it. It should be much the same with your outdoor; be proud to make it look appealing.

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