Donate your Hair for the Oil Spill

Hair Clippings for Oil Cleanup

photo from miami herald

Hair is THE most efficient material for absorbing oil — that’s why we have to wash it so often!
Mats of human (and pet) hair, which naturally acts as a sponge to absorb oil from air and water are being used with oil spills, plant nurseries and more. One pound of hair can soak up about one quart of oil, and when formed into a sturdy mat, it can be rung out and reused over a hundred times!

Donated hair needs to be clean! Use a natural non toxic shampoo before sending in your hair. Register at MATTEROFTRUST.ORG and they will give you a shipping address to send your hair to.

What can you do to Help:

Ask your hair stylist what they do with the hair clippings they produce. If they just throw them out, recommend Matter of Trust.
Follow Matter of Trust on twitter: @MatterOfTrust

From time to time retweet something of theirs to spread the word to your followers.

Become a fan of Matter of trust on Facebook. Stay up to date on what’s happening, and pass it along to your fans.

Become a local drop off site. Many people have small amounts to give. Organize a day and time when they can drop it off to be sent in one larger shipment. Perhaps you could get a local group to help you – girl scouts, boy scouts.

Contact your local shelter and ask if they recycle the clippings they have.

Teachers can encourage kids to brush their pets and bring in the hairs collected. This is also a good opportunity to teach science, global awareness, environmental studies, geography, and empathy. Teachers should check out this resource page

Ask your church members to bring in pet hair and old nylons to be recycled for the cause.