Keeping Up With The Kids

Keeping Up With The Kids

Having healthy kids is very important to most parents. They will go to any length to ensure their small ones are getting the best nutrition, healthcare, and medical treatment. Although sometimes they can forget to look after themselves quite as well. However keeping as healthy as possible is a vital task for any mom or dad, as not only can it allow you to keep up with the kids when they are running around and causing chaos. But it can also promote a longer lifespan, meaning you can be there for your children as they grow up. With this in mind, keep reading to find out how to improve your health and with the kids.




Obviously one of the most important ways that you can keep healthy is to watch what you are consuming. Something that can be tough when you have the kids to feed, work to do, and are generally busy most of the time.


Firstly, when you have little ones that aren’t sleeping through the night but seem perfectly happy to spend time running around in the day, it can be a drain on your physical energy supplies.


But what can you do to address this? Well, your diet has a huge effect on how we feel, so it’s via top use this to your advantage. For instance, it can be much more useful to include a varied menu including wholemeal carbohydrates for steady energy release that to follow a so called healthy eating plan that cut these out altogether. Something that has become very popular lately.


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Remember too that eating something full of refined sugar like a candy bar may help you get through the next half an hour of tidying the house, and playing with the kids. But it’s probably just setting you up to feel even worse later on.

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This is because refined sugar is released quickly into your bloodstream. Producing a high that quickly fades, leaving you feeling worse off than you did before. So steer clear of candy as much as possible to get a steadier stream of energy throughout the day.  



Another way that you can set yourself up to keep up with the kids is to include some supplements regularly in your diet. Of course, which ones you choose completely depends on what area you could do with a little help in.


For increased energy throughout the day take things like Ginseng and Vitamin B12 which are believed to have a positive effect on the metabolism. Or if ageing in a healthy way and being there for your kids for as long as possible is your main concern why not try things like Shilajit or Krill Oil?

However, if it’s stress that is getting to you as a busy parent, then you could give Evening Primrose Oil or Calcium a go. As not eating enough Calcium is know to create overactivity in nerves cells, something that may be linked to an increase in anxiety. Remember if you are calm, then it can really make dealing with juniors tantrums that bit easier.




Lastly, in relation to nutrition let’s take a quick look at alcohol. Most people enjoy a drink or two special occasions, and it can have a short term calming effect.

However, alcohol is pretty much empty calories as it has no nutritional content. It can also be habit forming and cause behavior changes when drunk to excess. Not to mention making getting up at 5 am for the kid’s breakfast all the more difficult! That is why is important to be careful with your alcohol intake when you are a parent.

It’s not about abstaining unless that is what you want to do. But it is about ensuring that it’s treat rather than a coping mechanism. So when you do imbibe it doesn’t create problems for you or in the family dynamic.



Certainly being physically fit and healthy when you have kids can really help. Not only does it allow you more stamina in keeping up with them, but it can help with your mental well being as well.


Really getting the body moving has so many benefits. It produces endorphins that regulate mood, it pumps fresh, clean oxygenated blood around our bodies, fighting off fatigue, and it also helps to burn off any excess calories that we have consumed.

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But there is a problem with cardio activities like running, aerobics, or spinning, and that they can take a lot of motivation to get started. That’s right it’s often more of a mental block than a physical one. So what can we do about this?

Well, it’s all about reminding yourself of why you are doing it. That it is to keep fit and healthy for your kids. By doing this, you can overcome some of the struggles of getting going and being away from them for an hour or two while you work out.



However, it’s also important to note that it’s not just cardio activities alone that make you fit and healthy. They also need to be combined with stretching and working the muscles in a less high impact way.

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Activities that can fulfill this need include yoga, pilates, and some slower forms of dance.

By working the muscle in this way, you ensure good balance and posture. Something that can take a serious bashing when you have a little one, because you are constantly bending down to pick them up or carry them.  


Teams sports

Being a parent that gets involved with a team sport is also something that can have a positive effect. This is you get the benefit of the exercise, and it also serves as a time where you get a break from parenting and get to socialize with other adults.


This is important as your priorities shift when you become a parent. So it’s very easy to lose yourself in the role because it’s so important to you. But maintaining an interest outside the home can help you remind yourself that a parent is not the only thing that you are. As well as refrain refreshed to your duties.



Mental well-being

You know what they say: “Happy mom happy baby.” Well, in reality, this is true for both parents. But how can you ensure that you value your own happiness, as well as doing everything you can to look after your child?


Me time

Firstly, consider some regular me time. Just because you are a parent doesn’t mean that you can never spend any time alone again. Yes, things will change, and getting that alone time may be a bit more difficult. But as long as you have someone trustworthy to take care of the kids, you shouldn’t feel guilty for taking some time to do something you love every once in awhile.

You could book yourself a spa day and relax in the sauna and hot tub. Or you could plan a day out with friends. You could even leave junior with the grandparents and have a romantic night out, just the two of you.


These breaks may seem like luxuries, but they really are essentials, because parenting is a marathon, not a sprint. Meaning sometimes you have to slow down and prioritize your own well-being to be the best parent possible.  


Mindfulness and meditation are also something that you may want to consider when you become a parent. As they can help to center you and allow you to remain in charge of the situation, however stressful it gets.


Mindfulness is a non-denominational activity, where you spend time focusing on your breath. This allows you to observe the thoughts, sensations, and feelings that you have, with a degree of separation. This separation then allows you to choose how you want to behave, instead of being reactive.

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Something that is so useful when you are a parent, as it can help you stay calm and consistent when dealing with misbehavior and discipline. It can also help you to lower your own stress levels when things feel overwhelming because it provides a chance to remind yourself are in charge of what is happening, and the direction that you are taking the kids in. Instead of them bending to their demands.



Lastly, something parents should consider for their mental well-being is keeping up with their spiritual practices. Having kids is hard, some days are going to be rough, but having faith that you can rely on and use a s a strength of power can really help.


Of course, spirituality means different things to different people, as some folks may like to attend their local church, temple, or mosque. While for others a walk in nature or a quiet prayer may be the right choice.


Although it is worth noting that most organized religions are excellent at providing a support network for parents. Whether that be in the forms of education and entertainment groups for the kids, or the benefit of fellowship and advice for the adults.