An Essential Guide To Healthy Living

An Essential Guide To Healthy Living

You don’t need to wait until the start of another new year to begin your healthy lifestyle. Chances are, you will make a plan, put it in motion for a couple of days, and then, as many of us do, give up.

Forget about yesterday and that cream cake you ate while slouched on your sofa. That day has gone and is not an excuse to wait until the start of next week to begin your healthy living plan. Now is the time to get yourself back into shape. Well, at least wait until you have finished this article! Read on for some helpful advice in putting in motion a healthier way of living.

Go for a health check-up


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Not many of us enjoy going to the doctor or the dentist, but the best place to start in improving your health is taking stock of where you are right now. This is essential, as you don’t want to begin a new fitness regime or diet plan,, without checking on how safe it is for you at the beginning. If your girth is wider than it should be for your age and size, you probably shouldn’t begin a rigorous workout anytime soon, so ask your doctor for advice.

If you have any health concerns at all, don’t delay or Google symptoms to find an answer. Seeking the advice of a medical professional over something ‘trivial’ isn’t a waste of their time or yours, as there may be an underlying issue that needs dealing with.

Consider your lifestyle

It may be that you are living a perfectly acceptable lifestyle, doing the right amount of exercise each day, and eating the right foods at mealtimes. Or, you may be doing the exact opposite. Reaching over for the tv remote control is not going to improve upper body strength, and regular walks to the bathroom are not going to tone your leg muscles. Hey, going to the loo is not the answer to detoxing your body either, so be realistic, have a look at your lifestyle, and find ways to make changes.

For starters, go through your kitchen cupboards and refrigerator and take stock of the food you have bought. Processed foods and microwave meals are not the answer to a healthy mealtime, no matter how inviting the food looks on the packaging. You know the finished product is never quite what you imagine it to be, in taste or looks, so feed it to the dog next door, and restock your kitchen with healthy foods, such as those found here:

If you have any addiction problems, such as smoking or drinking, you already know how bad they can be for you. You can eat ten pieces of fruit a day, but if you are smoking like a chimney on fire, you aren’t going to do your body any favors. Understandably, long-term addictions are hard to give up, so as always, seek medical advice if you know you have a problem.

Form an exercise plan

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If you have existing health conditions, you should be careful with your plan, as you may be limited in the amount of exercise you should do. Similarly if you are out of touch in keeping fit, and your tracksuit has been shredded by moths, make sure you pace yourself before attempting a marathon. A brisk walk around the block or a slow jog in the park should be enough for starters, taking on short distances before trying anything longer. Each day, go a little further until you are comfortable in your routine, and incorporate some of these:

Exercise does not have to be a chore, so find something you enjoy doing. For example, if you enjoy dancing, join a local dance class where you could find anything from ballroom to belly dancing. Not only will you make new friends, but you will enjoy the health benefits, too.

Many people are put off sport by their experience at school. Maybe you were one of the unlucky few who was always picked last for team games, and you may have had a gym teacher who was better with the put downs than teaching you how to do sit ups! Don’t let poor teaching, or the memory of unkind classmates put you off. There may be a sport you will really enjoy, so have a look online or visit your local sports club and consider signing up for something new.

Sometimes, we can lose motivation when doing something alone, so when possible enlist family and friends to take part in your exercise plan. Having somebody to talk to while out jogging will enhance your experience if you don’t enjoy the silence. An exercise partner will support you through your achievements and milestones, such as losing an extra pound, and you can spur them on as well, especially should either of you feel like giving up.

There are many benefits to exercise, but you can add to these by giving yourself a reward for accomplishing something. You don’t want to go home and crack open a bottle of wine, but you could buy yourself a nice bouquet of flowers, or treat yourself to a healthy fruit smoothie.

Change your diet

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An apple a day may very well keep the doctor away, but it may not be as appealing as a bar of chocolate. It is important for you to change your mindset when it comes to eating, reminding yourself of the benefits you are giving your body.  You should start in the morning, with something like this:, before considering your later mealtimes.

Don’t give into temptation, but remove anything from your house that is going to cause you problems.  A bowl of fruit on the table will give you added incentive to eat from it when you don’t have a secret stash of chocolate hidden at the top of the cupboard.

While you don’t need to feel guilty for eating the occasional piece of junk food, you should only allow them as an occasional treat. As with any addiction, when you pick something up that you haven’t touched in awhile, you are going to slip back into bad habits more quickly.

You may find it beneficial to join a cookery class, or watch cooking videos online, to give you a few tips in the kitchen. Have a look at the following:


A good, healthy meal containing the nutrients you need, will be more satisfying if you have cooked it yourself. Admittedly, your first few attempts may go horribly wrong, but don’t give up, as practice does make perfect.

Caring for your mental health

Life is stressful, and it can’t always be avoidable. If you have implemented a healthy lifestyle in your eating and exercise habits, you are on the way to alleviating it, and creating a healthy mind as well as body. However, there are other ways to help you deal with your stress or low moods.

Massage therapy is a good way to relax while caring for your aches and pains. Cupping therapy can be an effective form of massage, the details of which can be found on this website:

Meditation is also effective, and learning a few breathing exercises will help you cope the next time a stressful situation comes along.

Above all, make sure you find time to rest each day. A good night’s sleep is vital for renewing your body and mind, and if you have kept to your exercise routine, you deserve a good night’s sleep!