7 Ways To Revitalize A Dull Garden

7 Ways To Revitalize A Dull Garden

When you’re doing home renovations, you probably think about how much value they’ll add to your home. It’s always worth considering because if you can increase the value of the house, that will offset some of the costs of doing the work in the first place. You can think of it as a long term investment. But when people are doing work in the garden, they don’t always have the same mindset. Most people know that a nicely kept garden is more attractive to potential buyers because it improves your curb appeal but it won’t add that much value to the house. If you really want to invest money in the garden, there are plenty of other additions that you can make to the garden. Next time you’re doing work on your outside space, it’s worth considering some of these additions.


A Garage

A garage is a big priority for a lot of people when they’re looking at houses. It’s a good security feature because people can park their cars in there. It’ll reduce your car insurance as well if you don’t have to park your car on the street. If you aren’t bothered about putting your car in there, it’s a good place to store all of the junk that you don’t use on a regular basis. Building a garage is pretty expensive though and you might not want to spend that much money right now. If that’s the case, you could consider putting a carport in instead. There are some great companies like Stylemaster Patios who can install a covered area for you to park your car in. It’s not quite the same as having a full garage but if you’ve got a nice car and you want to protect it from the elements, it’s ideal.

Decent Fencing

The way that the garden looks is important, but you need to think about security as well. The garden is a common entry point for burglars and if you’ve got low fences and a broken gate that people can open with very little effort, you’re just advertising your house to criminals. Good fencing is also important if you’ve got pets or young children because you don’t want them wandering off when they’re out in the garden. It’s not that expensive to get some new fences put in but it’ll make all of the difference. If you put higher fences in the garden, you can also use them to grow plants up which makes for a far more interesting aesthetic than plain fences.

Consider Removing Trees

Trees in the garden are great, as long as they’re not blocking the light. If you’ve got a nice patio area where you can sit and relax, it’s no good if it never gets any sunlight because there is a massive tree in the way. If you’ve got a tree that is blocking all of the sun, you should consider getting rid of it so you can get more use out of the garden. It’s also worth thinking about the light inside the home as well. Getting more light into the house is tough, especially if you’ve got rooms with small windows. Often, there isn’t a huge amount that you can do about it but sometimes, you’re not getting much light because there is a tree or a bush directly in front of the window that stops all of the light getting in. If that’s the case, you should trim the tree or, if necessary cut the whole thing down.

Artificial Grass


Everybody knows that cutting the grass is a pain, especially if you’ve got quite a big garden. If you don’t do it regularly, the garden will look scruffy but doing it every week or two is a big undertaking. Brown patches and dead lawns are a big problem as well and you’ll have to spend a lot of time and money nursing the grass back to health. You can get around that and massively cut the amount of time you spend maintaining the garden by taking up the lawn and putting artificial grass in instead. Not everybody likes the idea but there are some good artificial grass companies out there and often, you can’t really tell the difference between the real stuff and the artificial stuff. It’s so much easier than managing real grass and a lot of people see that as a big bonus when they’re looking at houses.

Good Decking

Artificial grass is a great way to avoid the hassle of maintaining a lawn but if you’re not keen on that idea, you could replace some of the grass with decking instead. It gives you a great place to put some garden furniture for relaxing or eating outside in the summer. Splitting the garden into a couple of different areas also makes it appear a lot bigger which adds value as well.

A Good Sized Shed

A shed is always a good addition to the garden, especially if you don’t have a garage. You can store your lawnmower (if you haven’t already switched to artificial grass), barbecue, and all of your other bits and bobs. But a shed can be so much more than just storage. It can be a nice outdoor area to get a bit of peace and quiet for a while if it’s big enough. If you’ve got a bit of dead space in the garden that you’re not really using, build yourself a nice big shed there.

Water Features


Nobody really understands why just yet but studies show that being close to the water has an incredibly calming effect on people. Swimming in the ocean or taking a dip in a relaxing tranquility pool will help you take a break from the stresses of modern life and find some tranquility. You’re probably not going to install a tranquility pool in your garden but you can get a similar effect from a water feature or a pond. There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting out in the sun listening to the gentle trickling of a water feature or watching the fish swim around in the pond.

If you make these additions to the garden, you’ll create a great outdoor space that you can get more use out of and it’ll increase the value of your property at the same time.