How to Make Your Own Kefir

How to Make Your Own Kefir

I have made kefir several times before and it always comes out good with this quick method.  I also included a link under the video of the brand I use.  I order mine from Amazon.


Approx. 3 cups organic, milk
1 packet Kefir starter


*start with very clean, dry pan, whisk and glass jar. All should first be washed well in hot water and soap, rinsed thoroughly in hot water and dried well.

*Pour milk into saucepan.

*Heat milk gently over low-to-medium heat until it’s body temperature. Check temp with a clean knuckle. It should feel neither warm nor cool, just neutral.

*Whisk in packet of kefir starter.

*Pour into very clean glass jar.

*Let sit on counter at room temperature (about 75° for 18 hours).

*After Cover and refrigerate.
Keeps up to one week, after which, it can still be used, but will taste more sour.

recipe adapted from
the mercola recipe calls for raw milk but I use regular organic milk

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