Review of Honeydrop juices and teas

I was sent bottles of each flavor of Honeydrop teas to try out recently. I was happy to try them when I read that it is sweetened with only organic honey. I knew my kids would like them especially considering my daughter has to have honey every day in some form or another. I tried all three flavors which are CALM (chamomile,tea honey) STRONG (blueberries and honey) ALIVE (blood Oranges & honey) I like them all. I let my kids try them and they really liked the CALM the best. They like the other 2 but the CALM was their favorite. All the ingredients in all 3 drinks are organic and healthy. I think these drinks are a great alternative to sodas and juices. There are only 80 calories in thhe STRONG tea and only 40 in CALM and the ALIVE. Each bottle has a spoonful or organic honey. If you are looking for a healthy drink for your kids or yourself this is a great drink

The drinks were developed by David Luks who was told by his doctor to avoid all artificial sweetners after being diagnosed with testicular cancer. He began investigating an organic lifestyle and discovered the benefits of honey. Honey alleviated and soothes sore throats better than any cough syrup and protects against chronic conditions such as obesity/hypertension because of its low glycemic index (64) relative to sugar(100) making it an attractive sweetener to diabetics.
Honeydrop is sold in over 125 WholeFoods stores and 150 specialty stores nationwide
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