5 Great Clothing Brands For Kids

5 Great Clothing Brands For Kids

5 Great Clothing Brands For Kids

There are many special brands of clothing for children out there, and HoneyPieKids.com is proud to carry quite a few of them! We’ve found a few that we especially love, and they’re worth taking a look at. We’re positive you’ll find a few perfect options for your children’s fashion needs. From little girl’s dresses of all kinds from Paper Wings, to casual made-in-the-US clothing from Joah Love, to fancy tutus and accessories from Tutu Du Monde, we’re positive something will catch your eye. Here’s some fashion inspiration from five top brands!

Paper Wings

Paper Wing’s new Spring 2018 collection is adorable! We think these cute clothing options are perfect for children. Take a look at some of their clothing pieces! Their motto is “PAPER WINGS celebrates the freedom of being children, looking like children and – most importantly – feeling like children.”


Joah Love

You’ll find that these clothes from Joah Love are very cute and very soft, perfect for your kids! A range of casual and fun clothing your children will love to wear. Take a look at their outfit options!

Tutu Du Monde

For the little girl who loves fancy things, these dresses are perfect for upscale occasions or picture sessions…or simply having fun! Dresses from Tutu Du Monde are worth taking a look at!

Mini Shatsu

Don’t leave the little boys without some fashion: these outfits for boys are sure to catch your eye. Mini Shatsu carries a wide range of cute clothes like these outfits!


We think that these outfits from Mud Pie are adorable! These cute clothes are perfect for your little boy or girl. Take a look at all of the options for your little one.What are some of your favorite brands that we carry at Honey Pie Kids? We’re more than happy to be the perfect stop for your children’s outfit needs.

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Amazing Backpacks That Kids Love

Amazing Backpacks That Kids Love

Amazing Backpacks That Kids Love

Backpacks are the school supply that we spend the most amount of money on. Buying one of the cute or themed backpacks that are available in stores could cost you over $40, but many times they do not last more than a few months. Instead of running around in the middle of the school year trying to buy a new backpack, here are some amazing and trendy backpacks that kids love that will last the school year. 

Terez Rainbow Emoji Backpack 

Emoji’s have become something that we use every day in text and online messages, so they have become a popular print. This backpack is one of the coolest options on our website. The bag is rainbow patterned with a huge variety of Emoji’s. This backpack is on the larger side, which makes it great for kids of all ages. There is a large main pocket and a smaller front zipper pocket that has pencil and pen holders. The straps are padded and are adjustable. There is also a water bottle holder on the side, so your kids can stay hydrated at school.

Mad Pax Gator Spike Backpack


Mad Pax makes some of the best backpacks that we sell. They are built for kids and each one has a one of a kind design. The Gator Spike backpack comes in a variety of colors and three sizes that you can pick from. The full-sized backpacks are great for high schoolers and kids that need to take more school supplies with them to class. These large backpacks can fit 3 two inch binders, a pencil box, and a few other items. There is also a laptop sleeve, if your kids need to take a laptop or tablet to school. 

The half-size backpacks are smaller than the full-size ones, but they are still large enough to carry all the items that your kids will need for school. They are better for younger kids, or when there are not a lot of school supplies that need to be carried. 

The nightly bite bags are very small, so they are great for carrying change or gadgets. These bags are not a backpack, but look great hanging on the larger bags. 

American Jewel Carnival Bucket Bag

Bucket bags are a great option for when your kids do not need to carry a lot of supplies. These are great for preschoolers. They also stand out from their friends. The American Jewel Carnival Bucket Bag is available in 5 colors. Along with the backpack, these bags come with a gummy bracelet and have an optional LED light that goes inside the bag that will light up the bottom of the bag. There are even glow in the dark options that make them even cooler. 

Candy Duffle Bags

Backpacks are not the only bags that your kids will need when they are going to school. There are going to be school trips where their backpack is just not going to have enough room. This is why it is always a good idea to have a larger bag like these candy duffle bags around. A duffle bag makes it easy to carry larger items, like beach towels, pillows and sleeping bags. This bag comes in four different candy designs, so kids can pick their favorite candy print. 

The cost of school supplies is on the rise, which is why you should avoid buying kids backpacks that are just going to rip and tear half way through the year. Honeypiekids.com have a wide variety of backpacks and lunch bags, along with clothing and shoes. So, you can save time and money this back to school season. 


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