Plants That Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Plants That Improve Air Quality In Your Home

People may be surprised about how many chemicals that may be in your home from your carpeting,paint,flooring and woodwork. There are things you can do to help from not using chemical cleaners in the home but also placing certain houseplants in different parts of your home. In studies done by and for NASA, many common houseplants were shown to absorb these chemicals and improve indoor air quality. Some houseplants improve indoor air quality better than others.

Some of the best are:

Aloe Vera
Areca Palm
Snake Plant
Bamboo Palm
English Ivy
Boston Fern
Gerbera Daisy
Mother In Laws Tongue
Rubber Plant
Peace Lily

Plants with larger leafs are better for improving the air quality. You can get these plants at any garden center in town and even order them off the internet. Make sure you keep them healthy with watering and also read the guidelines for the particular plant you purchase as far as the amount of sunlight they need. Healthy houseplants work best. By placing one in each room or even just the main rooms that you use will help remove odors and improve the quality of the air.


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