Kids Craft: How To Make Paper Solar Lanterns

Kids Craft: How To Make Paper Solar Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a really fun, festive addition to a backyard, especially during summer, and they also look great hanging in a kid’s room.

So I’m going to teach you how to decorate these awesome solar-powered paper lanterns. This is a really simple and fun arts and crafts project that anyone can do! GreenLivingEveryday sells “Soji Solar Lanterns”: the lanterns collect sunlight all day and then turn themselves on and glow during the night (don’t worry it has an off switch and comes with a free rechargeable for cloudy days). They’re extremely environmentally friendly and will save you a bundle on electricity!
* lanterns ( GreenLivingEveryday”>free GreenLivingEveryday coupon code
* stencil (optional)
* acrylic paint  (Shown at bottom of article)
* paint brushes (any brush is fine!)

~Choosing Supplies~
*acrylic paint works best on nylon so it’s easiest if you use that
*remember these aren’t water colors and they will stain clothes!

Strategy 1: Stencil                                      

As a former art teacher I’m partial to strategy 2 but I recognize the benefit of a good stencil like in the one in the picture!

Step 1: Unpack
When the lanterns arrive they’ll be flattened and there are instructions to assemble them. DO NOT assemble them until the end! It’s much easier to decorate if they’re still flat. Just remove the plastic and lay the lantern on a surface that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Step 2: Place the stencil
Place the stencil in the desired location.
Make sure you tape it down so it doesn’t move while you fill it in!
*You can buy a stencil or cut one out yourself

Step 3: Fill it in!
Just take a paint brush and paint over the stencil.
Don’t be scared to get paint on the stencil it won’t show!

Strategy 2: Get Creative!

This strategy requires little instruction because it’s all up to you. Look how pretty the hand decorated lanterns look!

Step 1: Unpack (same as before)
Step 2: Draw Anything Your Heart Desires!
Remember to draw on both sides!
Be careful with the acrylic paint!

Like I said before it’s really simple! The lanterns are under $20 each and come in all sorts of colors so go crazy!


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