4 Things You Should Do To Get Your House In Order Before A Baby

4 Things You Should Do To Get Your House In Order Before A Baby

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A baby changes everything in life, and one of the places you don’t expect it to change is your home. For some people, not much changes. A cot is bought and that’s about it. For others, nesting hits and they suddenly see their home for what it is and how it isn’t suitable for a baby. An ultra-modern apartment, for example, may look fantastically urban, but it doesn’t always look as good with baby paraphernalia all over the place. The fabric sofas that were the best purchase of last year are now at risk of setting stains of baby puke and diaper accidents that never seem to happen anywhere other than the expensive sofa.

So, short of ransacking furniture stores for leather couches (wipe clean, see?), what else could you be doing to get your home ready for a new baby to join your family?

Safety Dance. There’s no point in adding corner covers and stair gates straight away; babies don’t tend to be on the move until they are at least six months of age. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t start sorting out moving the toxic chemicals up high and anchoring furniture to the walls. Just in case.

Guest Room. There is no doubt that people will want to visit you from near and far when the baby arrives, so it’s a good idea to have a spare room ready if you want to host visitors. Don’t forget: you’re not obligated to say yes to anyone staying over right away. You need to get used to the new baby as does your partner, and that can be hard with others around.

Reimagine It. Your space was once for two and now it’s going to change from a couples love nest to a family home. Clearing out the things that you no longer use is going to help you create closet space for a pushchair and breast pump items in the kitchen. You need to make as much room as you can; babies are small but they have a lot of stuff.

Rearrange It. Your bedroom now has to have space for a cot or a crib, as that’s where your baby is going to sleep with you for the first six months. Think about the space you have in your bedroom and how you can rearrange it to fit the furniture in that you need to add. You don’t necessarily have to get rid of any of your stuff, just move it so that you can have the space that you need.

Lastly, the one thing you can do for your home is to create a routine for the days that you tackle the chores. A baby throws you completely out of routine, but if you create a rough idea of how you would like to handle the housework, you can be far more successful than if you just left it and hoped for the best. Getting ready for a baby is exciting, embrace every second.