Strange News: Chicken Pox For Sale

Strange News: Chicken Pox For Sale

This has to be by far the strangest story I have read in a while. This is from HSIONLINE.COM A great resource for health news.

I’ve finally found something that makes even less sense than unnecessary vaccines: purchasing infectious disease from a stranger online.

In an odd backlash to the chicken pox vaccine, parents with children infected with chickenpox have actually offered their kids’ spit for sale and advertised it on Facebook pages.

Also available: lollipops and Q-tips licked by the infected kids.

This less-than-brilliant idea sprang from “pox parties” — gatherings where uninfected kids play with chickenpox-infected kids so parents of the uninfected can control their child’s exposure.

That’s an idea that goes back decades. The new spin is to organize the parties through Facebook pages. And from there it was just one ah-ha! moment away from someone figuring they could turn their kid’s chickenpox into a money-maker.

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