5 Simple Solutions To Keep Kids Safe And Warm This Winter

5 Simple Solutions To Keep Kids Safe And Warm This Winter


Winter is a particularly tough time of year for your children. As much as they want to be playing out in the snow, the cold can be too much for little fingers and toes. Indoors can be just as hazardous with open fires and red hot radiators. Here are 5 simple checks you can do right now to make sure you kids will be safe and warm all winter:


Right Clothing

Most children go through phases of wanting to dress in their favorite outfits. Unfortunately, they’re not always appropriate for the weather conditions. Snowboots and thermal-lined hats are a must in winter. Make sure the treads or grips on the boots are good for icy paths. Lined, waterproof gloves are really hard to find in children’s sizes, but do look out for a pair. Finally, add a woolly scarf. Neck muscles are vulnerable especially when you’re cold! Don’t forget to dress more warmly in the house too. You should be able to keep the thermostat down to more economic levels.

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Heating System

Your lives are in danger if your gas boiler is faulty. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. If you use gas, keep a working carbon monoxide alarm in the house. Book an annual maintenance and service check for your boiler, regardless of the fuel you use. The same should be done with your chimney or flue for open fires.

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To avoid problems with your hot water or heating in winter, make sure your pipes are lagged or protected with a heat tracing system to avoid freezing. Keeping warm in the house when the heat goes out is really hard work for little ones. If you use an open fire, be sure to use a fixed fire guard to reduce the risk of children getting burned.


The end of the year often sees lots of celebrations. This can often include fireworks displays. Professional displays are usually very safe, but if your family is visiting a private celebration, it’s important to be safe. Never touch any lit sparkler or firework with your bare hands. Keep everyone far away from them when they are being prepared. Remember, a lot of winter clothing is NOT fire retardant, so take extra care.

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Heating your home can increase problems with asthma. Dry air from radiators and sooty air from open fires can be particularly difficult to manage with. Open the windows daily for some fresh, healthy air. Seasonal allergens vary from region to region but can prove to be quite bad in winter. Many people use their cars more often, and air quality in your neighborhood can worsen. Make sure your kids have their medication handy.


If you need to go out in the car in bad weather, make sure you have spare blankets and a snow shovel in the trunk. Pack a few snacks and a thermos of warm water too. If your car gets stuck, you’ll be able to keep warm until help arrives. Your children should already be dressed up for that kind of weather, but taking a spare layer each just in case could be a good idea. Stay warm and safe this winter.


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