Keep Cool In Bed This Summer With Air Con Free Hacks

Keep Cool In Bed This Summer With Air Con Free Hacks


Summer is a great time of year. In fact, it’s probably the best what with the prolonged sunlight and sweltering temperatures. But, although a heat wave is a good thing during the day, it isn’t as welcome at night. High temperatures do affect a person’s sleep patterns, not to mention they make it incredibly uncomfortable. The obvious answer is to crank the AC and let the fresh breeze cover every inch of your body. Sadly, this may keep you cool, but it will also decimate your bank balance.

What you need are air con free tips and tricks, and the good news is you can find a selection of them underneath. Just pick the ones which suit your needs and feel the heat instantly dissipate.

Choose Cotton Sheets

Most people don’t know this, but bed sheets affect your body temperature. Quite simply, some are better at conducting and absorbing heat than others. A thick material like wool or goose feathers is going to be hot, so they need replacing. What with? The answer is simple: cotton, sateen or percale. When you find out more about cotton, sateen and percale bed linens, you suddenly realize they are cool materials. Thanks to the manufacturing process, heat doesn’t absorb through them as much. At night, this is a gift from God, especially when the mercury is at boiling point.


Get A Hot Water Bottle

Before you start to object, it isn’t to fill with boiling water. Of course, that would be counterproductive and arbitrary so don’t jump to conclusions! What you are going to do with it is fill it with water and stick it in the freezer. A hot water bottle doesn’t have to be for winter nights only. As long as you get creative, you can flip the switch and turn the tables. Because these bottles can handle extreme temperatures, there is no need to worry about a bit of ice. And, the cold with instantly make you forget about the heat wave when it’s next to you in bed. In fact, you won’t want to move a muscle until the effect wears away.

Lose The Jammies

There is a glaringly obvious reason you feel hot at night, and it’s your pajamas. To begin with, the material might not be one which helps regulate your body temperature. More importantly, wearing needless layers is going to make you feel hot. And, PJs are excessive because there is no better time to feel free than when you go to sleep. A bedroom is a private place, so no one is going to see you in the nude. Anyway, even if someone does it will be a person you trust, like your partner. And, let’s face facts – it won’t the first or the last time. If sleeping completely naked feels wrong, keep the underpants on but lose the rest of the outfit. Seriously, you feel the difference straight away.


Mark Your Territory

Sorry all you lovers out there, but your partner is to blame for your restless nights. Two bodies are warmer than one, especially when they both emit bucket loads of body heat. Moving to a single bed might be a little over the top, particularly if the relationship is long-term. Plus, there is no need to make your partner feel like they are to blame. Thankfully, there is an easy fix. All you have to do is increase the space between you and your lover. With a bigger gap, the heat coming from their body won’t seem as intense so the feeling shouldn’t be as intense. It isn’t good for cuddling, but that is the last thing on the agenda when the weather is so warm.

Get Low

Anyone remember their high school science lessons by any chance? If you do, you will know that heat rises. Although this seemed insignificant at school, it’s a powerful weapon in the war against summer nights. Simply put, all you have to do is lower the bed so that the heat doesn’t rise to your level. By sleeping lower down, the cool air should be more ubiquitous and effective. The trick is to take away all the layers which are purely cosmetic. So, the throw pillows need to go, as do the built up sheets and bulky cover. Oh, and don’t forget the memory foam underneath mattress because that adds a couple of inches.


See, there is no need to blast the air conditioning and spend a fortune. With these tips, it’s possible to stay cool without harming your bank balance.