7 Tips To Make The Perfect Creative Bedroom For Your Kids

7 Tips To Make The Perfect Creative Bedroom For Your Kids

Creativity is not only a type of skills that looks good on your CV. It is an essential part of a child’s development. Being able to develop thoughts and concepts of things that don’t exist is how people describe creativity. More importantly, creativity is not only about beautiful drawings. It is about giving your kids the key to a successful adult life. Indeed, being creative enables an individual to find a solution to new challenges – whether it is a toddler or an adult – in their everyday life. Unfortunately, creativity is not a talent you receive at birth. It is a skill to develop and master. Consequently, it seems a good idea to give your child a room in which they will be able to develop and train their creative gene. Here’s how to build the perfect, creativity-filled bedroom for your kid.

#1. Pick A Bold Wall Design

You can ignore any dull color, such as cream or magnolia, when it comes to a child bedroom. Children need bold and energetic colors that excite their senses and their thoughts. If you are an amateur regarding wall painting, you should be looking for bright tones such as green, yellow, orange or even purple – try as much as you can to avoid the stereotyped colors blue for boys and pink for girls; instead, use both in the same room. If you are feeling a little more confident, geometric designs are an amazing way to bring colors and shapes into the décor of your child’s bedroom. To achieve a clean design, you will need to use masking tape to define the different shapes and to test your colors in advance to ensure that the ensemble will be enjoyable. Guggenheim wall design

#2. Be Smart With Storage

If you want your kids to be creative with problem-solving, you need to show them the way to it. With kid bedrooms being smaller than other rooms in the house, it is necessary to be smart with your storage challenges. For instance, you can turn $1 baskets into a wall storage for their clothes or toys, using Kenyon adhesives products or a similar specialist in glue and glue guns. Maximizing the wall storage opportunities means that you leave the room feeling spacious and clear at all times. You can also help your kid organize their play area with an under bed storage drawer using only Dollar Store baskets. This will be a great lesson for them to help them keep the room organized and understand the value of thinking outside the box.

#3. Keep Examples Of Former Craft Projects

For most parents, craft becomes second nature when you have a child. If your child is old enough to help you, why not work with them on the decoration of your family parties and other events that require a crafty hand? Similarly, you should keep a box of your previous craft projects, especially the ones involving children’s parties as they will find these exciting. Children learn by copying. Consequently, you can imagine how much they will love taking your creations apart to try to reproduce them. It may not be perfect at first, but it is a brilliant way for them to discover the process of transforming raw material into an amazing Halloween costume or a garden party lantern.

#4. Let Them Draw On the Wall

There is something that most kids have in common: They all love drawing on the wall. Younger children, when they reach 3 or 4, develop a strong interest in painting walls with their favorite pens. The result is far from a piece of art, and it does mean that you need to redecorate the room to get rid of it. Therefore, you could already give your kids a wall to express their inner creativity, using chalkboard paint to let them create as freely as they want. Chalkboard paint is available for walls and furniture, but kids tend to prefer the wall version as this offers more freedom for an amazing chalkboard mural. You can also add a coat of magnetic paint which will allow them to play with magnets as well as chalk colors.



#5. Inspire Them To Be Creative

Creativity comes from inspiration. Without the idea of an imaginary world, there can be no creativity. Consequently, it is essential that you bring a little piece of this imaginary world into your kid bedroom. It is exactly the reason why more and more parents prefer to build custom-made children’s furniture. This enables them to create a castle-shaped bed or to build a tree hut in the middle of the bedroom. A project that is always a winner for boys is the car-shaped bed too. In other words, it is about helping your kid to dream and invent a new world every time they are in the room. From a DIY point of view, these beds look impressive, but all they need is some wood, some screws, and the right color of paint. You will find that the planning is the best part: Will it be a castle? Will it be a dragon? You can find plenty of online tutorials to guide you through complex designs.


A Batman bedroom

#6. Personalize The Room With Smart Items

Finally, even if you’ve designed a fantastic bedroom with a geometric design on the wall and a castle for bed, you still need to add personalized elements that will help your kid to identify with the room. More often than not, a frame with their name is all it takes. But craft enthusiasts can also write the name of the princess onto the castle-bed – or the driver’s name onto the car-bed – or spell it out through the geo design on the wall.

#7. Develop Their Sensory Experience

Last, but not least, creativity finds its source in sensory experiences. Indeed, your senses define the world for you in a variety of emotions. For children, these sensory experiences are essential to develop their creativity. For example, listening to music can create a new range of emotions that your child will channel through creativity.