Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal Of The Day?



The idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is such a well-trodden trope that few of us even question it anymore. It seems to make sense on a basic level: the food we eat in the morning has got to be good, because it’s going to power us through the day…

Well if that’s the case, then why do we bother to eat lunch?

Breakfast can’t power us through the day, but it can give us a good start. Does that make it more valuable, worthy of a title such as the most important meal of the day? Not really – each meal is equal.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that breakfast isn’t important in and of itself. It’s just not beneficial to treat it as the be-all and end-all of nutrition. Get it right and it’s a good way to begin, but you’re going to have to continue the trend of good eating through lunch and dinner too.

Keeping this in mind in the midst of morning chaos before the school run is worthwhile, not least for saving yourself a little of the stresses that sink upon our shoulders as busy Moms. There’s no pressure on you to crack into the best of your recipes and whip up gourmet-style food every morning. It’s tempting to think this is necessary, as that often-sounded bell of “most important meal of the day!” clangs in your ears. But as has been pointed out, that’s not the case, so why not give yourself a second to breathe with these options?

Low-Prep Breakfast Options To Consider

There’s something about a bowl of cereal that just screams “morning!” to us, and your kids will grow up thinking the same thing. It’s important to ensure you find a nutritious cereal such as those made by Organic Life HQ rather than one that is coated in sugar. The sugar content of some cereals marketed to children is completely terrifying, so be read labels extremely carefully. If you have previously given your kids the “fun” sugary cereals, there might be some rebellion over the switch to more nutritious options, but persevere and they’ll feel the benefit.

You also can’t beat a protein-rich meal involving eggs, the eternal breakfast staple. Keep in mind that there’s absolutely no health benefit to just cooking the whites of eggs and discarding the yolks – it’s actually the opposite! All the nutrients are in the yolk and studies have shown that just eating the whites actually makes them harder to digest. So go for a quick scrambled egg or boiled, which your kids will love dunking bread into.

Finally, if you’re really pushed for time, sliced vegetables like carrots and cucumber can be a lifesaver. Add a few berries for sweetness and their nutrient value. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can throw whatever you have got available into a smoothie along with some soy milk. It’s not the most exciting meal, but it will get your kids through to lunchtime without resorting to convenience foods that are packed with the foods you know you want to avoid.

Healthy Breakfast To Kick Start Your Day

Healthy Breakfast To Kick Start Your Day


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Breakfast is one of, if not the, most important meal of the day. The phrase comes from breaking the fast that we have had since we have been sleeping. Therefore it’s crucial to get something healthy and nutritious into our breakfast meal, so we can start the day as we mean to go on. If we eat a heavy or greasy breakfast, we often feel the effects a couple of hours later. But if we pick something healthy and beneficial to our systems we will have much more energy to take us through to lunchtime. Check out the ideas below for some healthy breakfast ideas. And check out my recipes on the blog for lots more inspiration too.

Cereals And Oats

Choose cereals and oats for healthy breakfast options. You can make things like three-grain porridge, which you can prepare and store for up to six months, So not only is it healthy, but also time saving too. Three-grain porridge consists of toasted oatmeal, spelt and barley. And you will just need to add milk or water for a super charged nutritious breakfast. If you’re a cereal kind of girl, always try and choose a healthy option rather than a sugar filled one. That means no Lucky Charms or Coco Pops! Go with granola, muesli and honey puffs for a more healthy option.  Eating whole grains and cereal fibers can reduce the risks of diabetes, some cancers and also heart disease. So you don’t need to scrap the cereal altogether. You just need to train your brain to ditch the sugar.


Smoothies make a great choice for breakfast if you are in a rush or on-the-go. They can also be prepared the night before if time is very short. Having a smoothie for breakfast is a great way to fill up on your fruit and vegetables for the day. Some great blends include spinach, coconut and grape. Or for more of a treat raspberry and your favourite nut butter. Other ones we love are ginger berry and oat smoothies and a strawberry flax smoothie. Buy a good recipe book for smoothies or check out inspiration boards on Pinterest for myriad recipes to try.

Bigger Breakfasts

If it comes to the weekend and you know you are prone to indulging in a greasy fry up or pancakes and maple syrup, try not to! Once you break the habit, you’ll feel a whole lot healthier. There are many nutritious options you can choose that aren’t laden with grease or sugar, but are still equally filling. For starters, basil scrambled eggs with wilted spinach and seared tomatoes tastes delicious for a lazy weekend breakfast. And poached eggs with broccoli and tomatoes on flatbread is another great choice for a filling but healthy breakfast. Don’t dismiss eggs as a good base for a filling breakfast as they are a fantastic source of protein. Scrambled eggs and salmon is a lovely refreshing breakfast that gets in a lot of protein and will keep you going until late lunch. This recipe also makes for a super Sunday brunch.

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