Product Review:  Nature’s Baby Organics Body and Hair Products

Product Review: Nature’s Baby Organics Body and Hair Products

I was recently sent a mixture of several different products from the company Nature’s Baby Organics to try out. I was already familiar with the line because I used the detangling lotion on my daughters hair before. They are really nice products and come in perfect sizes. I loved the leave in conditioner/detangler. It has a really nice refreshing scent and works really well for curly hair that is hard to brush. I was also sent the calming spray that I used to spray my kids sheets and clothing. It is a lavender scent that is relaxing. I have always like to use calming sprays and was eager to try out Nature’s Baby Organics calming spray. Its a great thing to use on anything including car seats. I am definitely going to buy more of this spray. I also really liked the bubble bath. A small amount goes a long way. The Face and body moisturizer is also really nice, They have different scents available for different products. For example there is lavender/chamomile and mandarin/coconut in the baby oil and there is a fragrance free in several products including the diaper area products. There is a vanilla/tangerine available in the all purpose deodorizer spray. I loved the vanilla/tangerine scent. Its a nice sweet scent.

They offer 2 different lines. The line I tried out with the yellow bottles are made using 70% organic ingredients. Their NSF line is certified to the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard for Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients – See more at:
I think anyone with small children would love these products. They are great for every day use and travel and makes a great baby shower gift.

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