Night Terrors in Children

Last night my daughter had a night terror. She never had one before so it was a little surprising. She “woke” up in the middle of the night and was very upset and was talking to me telling me she wished I could see her and other things that did not make sense. She even jumped up and down on the bed while she was crying. It was kind of scary to see that. It took about almost 5 minutes to wake her out of it. I walked her around and brought her to the bathroom. I was thinking was she ever going to wake up. She seemed alert but was rambling and saying things that did not make sense and was crying a little. My son used to have them several times a year so I experienced them before and I know when I was little I used to sleepwalk. Maybe it’s something inherited. I looked up some of the causes of night terrors and lack of sleep, stress or fever can cause them. I think that excessive gas in the stomach can cause them too. I know she was very tired because we walked a lot that day in an amusement park (we are on vacation in North Carolina) and it was unbearably hot. That may have contributed to it. Do your children experience night terrors. How do you get them to wake from them? Love to hear from you.