How Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags Helps Consumers

How Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags Helps Consumers

How Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags Helps Consumers Understand How Re-Useable Bags Can Help Save the World

When you are asked paper or plastic at the checkout, what about going for neither and having your own reusable shopping bag? While it may not be easy for an individual to conceptualize that what they do makes a difference but it really does. That is why, 1 Bag at a Time called itself this. It wanted consumers to know that the fight against global warming, oil depletion and protecting the environment could begin with them.?
By switching to reusable bags, consumers can play a positive role in addressing these important issues. “It’s a small step to take, but the impact adds up to measurable benefits to our environment as well as sizable savings for our cites,” says Lisa Foster, CEO of 1 Bag at a Time.

Foster has sold millions of reusable and insulated bags to stores across the US. “Most of us don’t know the facts about disposable bags. As we learn their full impact, we—like millions of consumers around the world—are ready to do the right thing,” said Foster. “The facts provided by the Environmental Protection Agency and other government agencies are compelling, and this is an easy change where individuals can really make a difference,” she explained.

Plastic bags deplete the oil supply. The petroleum in 14 plastic grocery bags is equal to the amount of petroleum used to drive a car one mile. That is a staggering statistic. On top of that the discarded plastic stays in our environment or landfill for thousands of years.
?Then you have paper bags. The life cycle impact of these is even higher than that of plastic bags. Eventually 80% of these end up in landfills where they take up much more space by weight and bulk than plastic bags. Incineration can decrease the quantity of plastic and paper bags but causes air pollution and creates ash which has to be landfilled.

A reusable bag will see a person use 1000 bags less in just three years. ??“People who use them find that they are just a better bag all around—easier to carry, faster to load and unload, stronger and bigger, and better looking than disposable bags,” says Foster.