Organic from day 1: Organic Products Your Baby Will Love

Organic from day 1: Organic Products Your Baby Will Love

You only want to take the best care possible of your little one from day one. This, to many mothers, involves being hyper aware of anything you might be feeding or putting on your baby. Buying organic food, drink and products is a great way of making sure your baby gets everything he or she needs without the unwanted nasties added.

Whether it’s just one element you want to make sure is organic, or everything you use on baby, we’ve thought of a few things for you to consider.


Look out for the gentlest shampoos and conditioners you can find on the market. Your little one’s hair will still be very soft and delicate at this stage. Help keep it healthy and protected by finding organic hair care options. Nature’s Baby Organics leave in conditioner/detangler is particularly useful for kids with curly hair. They are more prone to tangles and you don’t want them to suffer from nasty knots!


Baby food and formula is something you may not even have thought about being able to access as organic. But we’ve got good news folks, you certainly can! Holle formula is an example of the delicious and nutritious natural baby formulas on the market. It is made from 99% organic ingredients. The cows are even grazed on lush biodynamic fields, which helps you to be confident in what your baby is putting in their body.


The theory goes that everything you put on the outside of your body needs to be as good as what you actually put in your body. Then, we must presume that we should try and keep all bathing products organic for babies, as they certainly do a lot of bathing when they’re young! Irresistible organic bath products are easy to find. Browse beautifully scented shower gels, bath bubbles and even things like baby hand sanitisers to tidy them up!


Help soothe your baby off into a good night’s sleep with organic calming sprays or room sprays. You can spray delicious scents on their bedsheets and pillows to help them drift off.  Go for fragrances that you know are relaxing though, like lavender or jasmine. This might even help lift your little one’s mood in the morning!


Their clothes are touching their sensitive skin constantly, so you want to be sure to choose something that will be gentle. Organic clothing is of course the way to go here if you want to be certain. Lots of websites, like this one, have fully Fairtrade and organic cotton clothing lines. This means that no pesticides are used on the cotton when it is grown and the production factory employees are guaranteed fair treatment. This means fair wages, proper maternity leave and so on.

So, even if you just want to choose organic food or clothing for your baby, those are just a few ideas to get you started. You can now sleep soundly knowing that you baby will be sleeping equally as soundly with their new calming spray!


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