Product Review: Caveman Coffee Blends

Product Review: Caveman Coffee Blends

I recently tried out coffee from the Caveman coffees company. I was sent out 3 different blends that they offer and really enjoyed all of them.  I was sent a light roast and 2 medium roasts.  In the morning I usually drink a medium roast so these blends were perfect for me. I was sent the following:

-White Gold – Single Estate from Colombia , Light Roast Blacklisted – Single Estate from Colombia – Medium Roast and The Ethiopian – Single Origin from Ethiopia – Medium Roast.

All the blends were really good. Caveman Coffee is hand picked, wet processed and small batch roasted by a master coffees roaster in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Info on the company: Each bean is grown under the UTZ certification and Rainforest alliance protocols for sustainability and natural growing practices. No pesticides are ever used on the plants, and they are watered by nature alone. They are hand picked, only when ripe, and wet-processed for drying. This process produces the highest quality dried beans for roasting. It preserves the natural flavors and nutrients while cleaning the beans from the fruit and preventing molding and bitterness. The Caveman team imports the beans and roasts them with a master roaster, who is one of the best in the world. This process — from growth to roast — produces an unbelievably smooth coffees that is never burnt and maintains the best nutrients for the consumer. Caveman routinely tests it’s products for food safety to ensure the highest standards are continually met.

They also offer teas and cold brews.  If your looking for a high quality coffees bean Caveman coffee is really good.  I think it has a fresh taste and there isn’t that burnt taste you can find with other coffees. My husband loved the light roast at night. I think any of the blends are good. They offer a monthly subscription box of coffees thats great for home or office.  It also makes a nice gift. Everyone likes coffees and these blends were a hit in our house.