Book Review of Organically Raised by Anni Daulter

I was sent the book Organically Raised by the author recently and have been reading it and trying out some of the recipes. The book is full of information about making your own organic baby food and meals for toddlers and children. The book also has great recipes that adults would love. From tortillas to paninis, sushi rolls, sweet potato cakes, pizza. The recipes are easy and delicious. I am not one to start making something that is going to take hours and need a lot of ingredients so this book is perfect for me. I have read through many children’s cookbooks and this book really exceeds my expectations. The pictures are beautiful and make you want to make everything in the book. The book is also full of nutritional information about different fruits and vegetables, what nutrients are in them and how to avoid fruits and vegetables with pesticides. I think this book would make a great gift for a new mother. There are a lot of books out there with different baby food and children’s recipes but I have never found any book as easy to read and recipes as easy as Organically Raised. If you like to make your baby’s food or just need some inspiration, this book is perfect. The author Anni Daulter has her own website with a ton of information on it. You can check it out at

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