Do Parents Have A Role In Higher Education?


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Your child has graduated from high school and is now on their way to starting college. You might think that at this point, your role in the education of your child is over. After all, college is about independence and letting them finding their own way in the world, ensuring that they make mistakes so they can learn from them. Hopefully, this helps them become well-rounded individuals. However, even when they leave for college, you can still help your kids if they are struggling and you’d be surprised how many parents do this for their kids. It’s quite rare for students to be completely independent even with their studies at a college level.


Help Them Develop Study Methods


A lot of people don’t learn in the conventional way. Schooling is based around the idea of memory and recollection purely by learning the facts and putting them into practice. This continues at a college level, but it’s not the way that all students learn. As such, it might be worth helping your child find the right method for them. For instance, some students are far better at learning subconsciously, listening to information playing through headphones as they sleep. You might want to float this idea with your own college student.


Handling The Summer Drought


At summer and winter breaks, kids often return home from college and leave the study structure behind. It’s quite common for students to completely fail to study over the long summer breaks. As such, if they are coming home, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to push them to remember their studies and fit some time in through the day. If you don’t do this, by the time they return to college, their grades could have dropped substantially.


Give Them The Tools They Need


You need to be aware of the tools that could help your kids through the college years so that you can recommend that they use them. According to, there are plenty of sites offer the answers, information, and notes on different questions that relate to various college courses. You might think that once they start studying a higher degree, they are at a level beyond your understanding. You’re no longer at the age where they can come to you with help with trigonometry. And while this is true, they might still ring you to talk about their troubles with studies. Wouldn’t it be great if you could show them a resource that could help them, even when you can’t?


Show Your Pride


Finally, you should let your kids know that you are proud of them when they reach college level and encourage them to keep moving forward. Believe it or not, often this is all a kid needs to reach their maximum academic potential and get the best grades through the college years. It could be the difference between them finishing with a fantastic grade and one that just about lets them continue along their career path. You learn more about helping students achieve their full potential on


So you see, your job as a parent doesn’t simply grind to a halt after your kids leave for college.