How To Clear Your Indoor Air Of Allergens

How To Clear Your Indoor Air Of Allergens

Fighting allergens in your home can feel like a losing battle during the summer months. You’ll finish cleaning an area only to find dirt and pollen left from the outdoor play of kids and pets. Not only is this chore frustrating, but it can also make the fun summer months a breathing nightmare. Fortunately, you can find several ways to reduce allergens and keep your home cleaner. Follow the three steps below to stop the spread of allergies and deter more dust and pollen from entering your home.

Stop Allergens From Entering Your Home

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Are you inviting allergies into your home through the front door? By limiting how far the outside makes it into your home, you can prevent pollen from getting to your bedrooms and living room. First, stop kids and pets as soon as they come inside. Ask your kids to take off their shoes and wipe down the paws of your pets. Not only will this routine catch pollen, but it will also keep your floors cleaner.
Next, ask your kids to change into indoor clothes and leave their outdoor clothes by the door or by the laundry area. Installing a floor mat and shoe rack can also cut down on the amount of outdoor allergens tracked inside.

Change Your HVAC System Air Filter Regularly
One of the main culprits of allergens spreading through the home is your home’s HVAC system. Pollen, dirt, and dust spread through ductwork and make breathing in bedrooms and common areas difficult. Many experts recommend changing your air filter once a month, so you’ll want to buy replacement filters in bulk and set yourself reminders to change them. If you’re particularly sensitive to allergies, consider upgrading your air filter to catch more particles.

If you don’t change your air filter monthly, consider changing it every month around a major holiday. If you change your air filters on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, and Halloween, you’ll get close to changing the filter every other month. Your replacement schedule doesn’t have to be perfect, but you don’t want to go six months without an air filter change.

Strategically Clean Your Home
Your bedroom is one of the worst offenders for allergy creation. Your bedsheets create dust mites which then pool in hard-to-reach places such as under the bed. To remove this dust, you need to clean strategically. For example, always start by dusting. Even if you use damp cloths to collect the dust, a large amount of dust will get pushed into the air.

Dust everything and let these particles settle before you vacuum and strip your bedsheets. If you throw your sheets into the wash and then dust, you could be letting allergens settle on your mattress before covering the mattress with your clean sheets. By planning your course of attack against allergens in your home, you’ll be ready to remove as many dust particles as possible.
You can’t totally prevent dust from forming in your home or keep out all pollen and dirt. However, by following the steps listed above and getting creative with dust-removal techniques, you can turn your home into an allergen-reduced haven for your family.