Book Review:  Real Smart Baby Food

Book Review: Real Smart Baby Food

I had the pleasure of reviewing a baby food cook book called Real Smart Baby Food recently. This book is not an average baby food book you can find at any bookstore. Its completely different.  I really liked this book and I think the real smart strategy will make feeding your baby much easier and healthier. This book shows you how to make a large amount of baby food (3 months worth) at a time in a healthy easy manner. The author Lisa Barrangou shows you how easy it is to make it all in 3 one hour blocks of time. I think that doing it this way will not only save you a lot of money but it is healthier for your baby. The book shows you how to use dried beans and grains, whole grain cereals, stone fruits and any kind of vegetable and fruit. This book is a great book to give to any expectant mother as a gift. There is also a large amount of information on nutrition and a great deal of information in the book about cooking tools and strategies. To give you an example of what 3 months of baby food will look like when you are done below are pictures

The book is easy to understand and it shows you how to steam the food and then freeze it in food safe baby food containers. For more information and recipes and videos go to
There is also a large amount of nutritional information on the authors site. Gluten free grain recipes are discussed also. Available at You can also check to see if your local bookseller offers it. They can always order the book too. Here is a video recipe