4 Hidden Culprits That Could Be Making You Sick

4 Hidden Culprits That Could Be Making You Sick

Getting sick is the worst. Have you ever thought about what causes your illness? Diseases oftentimes spread due to unsanitary items with which you interact daily. Here are four hidden culprits that could be making you sick.

Drinking Water

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While you may have confidence in your drinking water, recent events in Michigan demonstrate how easily water can become unsanitary. Since hydration is a key part of staying healthy, you need confidence that your drinking water is safe. Thankfully, methods are available to learn for certain that your water contains no harmful chemicals.
Your first step is to contact your local utility. Ask about the source of the water as well as the utility’s sanitation methods. Also find out how it tests the water to verify its safety. The second thing that you can do is test the water yourself. Finally, independent of everything else, you should add a filtration system for your drinking water. It’s the proactive step that allows your family to hydrate safely.

Unless you haven’t dusted in a year, you’ll never notice most of the allergens in your home. Dust mites, pollen, and bacteria are virtually undetectable unless they build up in huge numbers. These allergens are also the source of many illnesses and skin irritants. They could make you sick without your ever realizing the issue.
The best preventive step to take involves a bit of home maintenance. You want to improve your indoor air quality, or IAQ. Add a few plants throughout your home; they naturally cleanse the air. You should also remember to change your HVAC air filters, especially in spring when pollen starts to fall. Old filters restrict airflow, and your HVAC unit spreads those contaminants throughout the home. In fact, hiring a repair service to look at your unit might help identify potential IAQ problems.

Healthy Foods
In a cruel twist of fate, some of the foods that have a reputation as healthy are actually foods that can make you sick. Food poisoning occurs frequently, and some of the causes will shock you. Leafy greens can spread contaminants because they rely on water to grow. When the water is unclean, it spreads to the greens. Raw eggs and fish are other potential causes of food poisoning.
Even meat, whose processing the FDA regulates, still occasionally undergoes a bacterial outbreak. Generally, chicken is the culprit, but beef can have E. coli, too. Pay attention to the warning labels on all your foods and watch consumer sites for updates on food recalls.

Bacteria on Touch Devices
The items that you touch most often during the day are the ones most likely to cause infection. Whether you use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you’re at risk. Any unsanitary usage could cause bacteria to spread across your device. Each time you interact with it, you’re a carrier, moving the disease to a larger area. Clean your technological devices regularly to avoid hygiene issues.
As you can see, the potential for sickness is everywhere. Now that you’re alert to it, follow the suggestions above to safeguard your family.