Keeping Your Home Safely Clean

Keeping Your Home Safely Clean


There’s a lot to keep up with when you’re running a household. The vacuuming needs doing, the kids need some hosing down, the spring is on its way and therefore the curtains need changing, and so much more! Keeping on top of everything a day can throw at you can only be made more difficult when it comes to needing to clean; but then you don’t know what products and methods are safe or not

If you bring out hardy and effective methods now, you can spend less and less time on cleaning as you go on. Have a very relaxing Christmas and New Year as a result, basking in the surroundings of your hard work. So, below are a few tips on keeping your home safely clean for all the family.

Filtering the Air

Allergies can get a lot worse in autumn, and to stop sneezing and wheezing we usually take medicines or a good nap. Yet, if you have anyone in your family with allergies or other breathing problems, you can do simple things in your cleaning routine to help them.

Filtering the air is easy and effective to do, and clears away any nasty airborne particles that can further disrupt your lung use. Sometimes a bit of a spritz is good for the nose, but doesn’t make the air any healthier to breathe. Bypass this with a good purifier, or even make your own if you need to. You can brush up on your woodworking skill at the same time, but still be able to do this at a beginner level. If you’d rather something a little quicker, you can use beeswax candles or open the windows more often to let in some fresh air.

Remember, if you can’t keep on top of everything, try delegating roles out. This helps create a less stressful environment, and means you get to put your feet up, or get on with a good meal, or maybe some work 5 minutes earlier than usual. A healthier household comes out of this as a result!

Cleaning Carpet Stains

Carpet stains can come about from many things: an accidental spilling, maybe a cold made someone throw up, or just a bit of pen or crayon from the kids. However, depending on what made a stain, and we don’t always know what, bacteria can spread like crazy from them.

So it’s time to clean them up for good; no more water marks where they used to be. Creating a good disinfectant for the carpet is the first step, and then a good steam cleaner will be needed to keep it spick and span for longer. Pour the solution in the steam cleaner and voila, you have yourself an organic (as it’s home made, usually with vinegar and water) home cleaning product. Research what it is you want to mix together, as some cleaning products just won’t do the trick, and making the air worse in the allergy season alone is an especial no-no!

Bringing out the Big Guns

Sometimes our own home efforts don’t quite work, and that’s because of the hardiness of some bacteria you can have in your home. For example, mold. Whilst it’s natural, it’s not exactly healthy

Mold creeps up on us all. It’s most likely to appear in the wetter seasons like autumn and winter, and therefore you’ll need to be more vigilant at this time than any other. In rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, where running water is a theme, you can look up and notice black and green spots along the ceiling.

As a general rule to help combat this, try and change or clean a filter in these rooms often, usually after every 3 months or so. However, this isn’t going to make the problem go away if it’s already there. To tackle some serious protrusions you can find on the ceiling or in the bathroom, try contacting a mold abatement company to see if they can finish the job for you. They’re usually quick and effective, and use organic and safe products as they serve a versatile range of customers.

These were a few quick tips to help you help yourself in the allergy and wet season. Be sure to research further into what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to making homemade remedies for a certain cleaning problem. You don’t want to accidentally make a problem any worse after all, and therefore be totally safe with everything it is you do.