How to Keep Your Child’s Bedroom Tidy

How to Keep Your Child’s Bedroom Tidy

Those with children will know that keeping your child’s room tidy can sometimes feel like a near impossible task. With clothes, shoes, toys and homework loitering in every available space, a quick spring clean can sometimes turn into a lengthy chore.

The spatial restrictions of smaller rooms generally mean there is not enough room to store or even put away clothes. If this is a scenario you’re familiar with then perhaps some new, space saving furniture could be the answer.


Specialised storage furniture is great for clearing away the clutter and these days you can find some beautiful, kid friendly designs. One particular brand to look to is the range from Kidspace Furniture. The current line features both bright and bold designs, complete with statement drawers, pull out fabric boxes and cube storage features.

These stylish designs will add a definite edge to your child’s existing room, whilst organising some of the clutter. Many of the featured designs come in several colours, meaning there is something to suit all children.

The Kidspace fabric storage boxes are a great option for those with lots of toys. Simply organise your favourite games, soft toys and books into the various fabric boxes provided and enjoy the benefits of a clean and tidy bedroom for a change!

Colour Schemes

Sticking to a certain colour scheme or, alternatively, creating a running theme is a great way to create an interesting and inviting bedroom space. You may decide to gear the bedroom towards an active boy with bright colours and statement designs. Alternatively, a girly girl may prefer something a little softer in style, complete with pastel shades and feminine embellishments.

Improving Your Life

The best thing about children’s bedroom furniture is the fact that it both organises and clears the room in question. Having a range of interesting areas to store both clothes and belongings will encourage your child to put his or her toys away – resulting in less work, and nagging, for you. Your child will also benefit from learning valuable skills about cleanliness and will be able to enjoy the time they spend in their bedroom to its full potential.


Many of today’s furniture options are available online and come flat packed. This makes the entire shopping experience a hassle-free process. Simply choose the pieces you desire, click on your virtual shopping basket and place your order. The hardest part of the shopping experience is waiting in anticipation for the order to arrive.