Teach your children a life skill, and have fun doing it!

Teach your children a life skill, and have fun doing it!


Want to teach your children a real life skill but don’t know where to start? Anchor is here to help. With the joys of modern technology, it can often be difficult to drag them away from the television or the games console, but Anchor’s brand new recipe website is here to prove it’s not all bad. Chock full of delicious and easy recipes that your children will not only want to eat but also love to know they made themselves, the website will be a family favourite in no time.

Who could resist the knowledge that they, armed with little more than a wooden spoon and an apron, made the deliciously tempting pepperoni pizza? With the specialised ‘kids’ section of the Anchor website, it’s entirely possible. The guidelines are easy to follow, and have very little cutting and peeling – so small hands will be perfectly safe whilst learning.

Of course, whilst cooking their own meals is always rewarding for children, it is the desserts that will have them rushing to the kitchen to cook. Mouth-watering favourites such as banana bread and fairy cakes are on offer, and the rocky road only takes fifteen minutes from start to end, meaning that by the time you’ve finished the first batch, the kids may well be begging to start the next.

Teaching children to cook can be a time consuming task, but it’s well worth it. As well as learning a life skill that will help them throughout their entire lives and pride in their newfound abilities, they will also likely try many things you never thought they would – all because they made it themselves! As a parent, you have the benefit of knowing exactly where it came from, by using brands you trust and rely on, and possibly even the reward of the occasional night off!

Don’t take my word for it though. Try it whenever you have a spare thirty minutes, and watch as your children become ensnared by the world of cooking. Just don’t expect them to help clean up the kitchen afterwards!