My Tomato Plants

I planted some San Marzano tomato plants in these topsy turvy planters on a stand and so far they are doing great. We have been getting a lot of rain so they are growing pretty good. I took the tops off both of them and on one of them I planted some plants on the top. I’m not sure how that is going to go but we’ll see. Last year I bought the topsy turvy hanging planters and my tomato’s did terrible. They rotted before they fully matured. These ones on the stand are doing much better. I don’t have tomato’s yet but the plant is very full. Better than last year. I think leaving the top off helps because the rain gets to them better. I have not used any fertilizer and am not going to. I also just had a garden put in the ground but I have not planted in it yet. Im not sure if the fence is big enough to keep the deers out. I will upload some pictures of the garden soon.

If you would like to purchase one of these Topsy Turvy planters with stand. I found one on