I was sent a few Teether Toys to review recently, since I don’t have a teething child right now so I sent them over to my cousin who I know would love to have her baby try them out. They are all natural and organic teething toys. There are several different styles to choose from. All toys are crafted out of maple hardwood and strung together with cotton cord and finished with jojoba oil. There is no plastic on these teethers at all. They are also very durable. My cousin said her baby became really attached to it. Take a look at teethers and you will see they are different than other teethers on the market. They are designed by a infant development specialist. Besides providing sore gum relief these tethers are also designed to promote early fine motor and grasp development. They are the perfect size for for an infant and not too heavy. Perfect for premature and special needs infants because they typically lack strength and normal muscle tone and have difficulty grasping larger, heavy toys. Here are a few of the styles.

These are just a few of the teethers that http://my-babysteps.com/shop/ offers and they range from $10 to $16. I think they are worth it because of how they are made and how durable they are. Take a look at my-babysteps.com and you will also find a great deal of information on child development. These teethers make a perfect shower gift.