The Benefits of Baby Massage

What could be nicer than spending quality time with your baby, in a warm, gently lit room, enjoying skin on skin contact and strengthening your bond?  Baby massage has many positives and benefits to both parent and baby, including:

1 – You can do it from birth

While you have to wait until your baby is older for most activities, baby massage is something that you can enjoy together from birth, giving you a positive focus in that initial whirl of sleepless nights, nappy changes and feeds.

2 – It’s enjoyable for both parent and baby

Both parent and baby are sure to enjoy the skin on skin contact and time spent together. It’s an opportunity to relax in each other’s company and get to know one another without distractions.

3 – It aids bonding

Baby massage can be a fantastic aid to the bonding process between mum/dad and baby. In the case of breastfed babies it offers a great opportunity for dads to enjoy some bonding time and physical contact with the little one. Dads can also incorporate baby massage into a baby sleep routine, enabling them to spend quality time with baby after work.

4 – It’s relaxing

Having a new baby can be a stressful time. Baby massage can be a wonderfully relaxing experience for all involved and can soon become a much looked forward to ‘calm point’ in your new family routine.

5 – It can aid sleep

Getting your baby to sleep is often one of the biggest hurdles for parents. So much so that Johnson’s Baby has coined the term baby lag to describe the effects of lack of sleep on new mums and dads. You can even take a test on the Johnson’s Baby website to see how babylagged you are! Baby massage is a lovely addition to a sleep routine and can help babies relax and recognise when it is time to sleep.

Try using baby massage as part of a three point bedtime routine – bath, massage, quiet time before bed – and the whole family will feel the benefit!

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